Episode viewing error

I’m having a scene sequence loop error even though my script doesn’t show errors (even approved by other authors)

ill show the code and the video of the error! would appreciate the help


so what I meant to do was
choice “see the special scene” {

Show scene
Goto support author scene
“No” {
Goto supportauthor
[Support author]
[Credits and social media]
[To be continued]

but after the “to be continued” scene
It shows the special scene
And then the author gem scene
And then it loops.

Unless you have a “goto” further down your script, that you didn’t include in your google doc, then I don’t see how it would be looping.
Is this happening in the web previewer or the app?

It’s happening when readers read it. But doesn’t happen in my app or portal

That would be a bug with the app. I’d suggest raising a ticket with Episode support.

Would this be the last published episode in your story? I know that Episode stick in a few looping pages right at the end (very annoying for readers) and it might be that the label used is the same as one you’ve used. Just a thought.