EPISODE VIP: Include community stories in "pass-free reading"

So I noticed the new Episode VIP “pass-free reading” is only exclusive to Episode Original stories or stories featured by Episode. Reading community-made stories will still need a pass, which is frustrating. I mean, Episode Originals are good in their own way, but most of us users prefer community-made stories, so the new Episode VIP doesn’t really appeal to most of us. To be honest, the pricing is affordable, but it’s not really worth buying. If you will turn it into “pass-free reading for ALL stories”, then sure! We’ll pay for it. But for now, Nah.


The last VIP deal was various, it was a different deal for different accounts, some of them were only for Originals and others were for all stories. The same could apply to the new VIP deals, there may more varieties to come yet and like the last ones, these may get scrapped too.

Same here the thought that it was pass free and i even see clearly that the promo i used to purchased was to have a 350 gems to get pass free no ads but how come i didnt get a pass free :sob: the no ads only was active still i have to wait an hour before i could read a new chapter or continue my reading only 4 passes that was available it seems to be a fraud promo and wasted money how was your experience so far?

What I want to know is if the unlimited replays is for all stories or just episode official stories.