Episode VIP Pass Issue

Episode is working on it. They posted this message on the app and now the forums. I understand this can be frustrating, but you need to be patient with the devs. They’re compensating all those affected by it.


Thank you for sharing!

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I’ve had the VIP Sapphire ever since I was offered it and like others it auto renewed last week only to vanish after the latest update to the app on Monday.
I’m just riding it out and waiting for the fix. The only odd thing I get is that on the home page it asks to purchase sapphire, but when I click on the button it doesn’t actually do anything. But when clicking on the VIP while reading a story and the ads page is back, it shows the amethyst screen. So who knows which offer I’ll get when it’s all fixed.

I got my gems! And I just noticed I have unlimited passes. Just hope they get the issue fixed, but I’m glad I can binge read stories this weekend :blush:

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I can’t wait!:grin:

Hm… I’ve got mu unlimited passes back but when I click on shades I can’t got them exchane … I think that this isue is not completly done… am I right?

So just checked and got my VIP pass back. Thank goodness. Did anyone else get theirs yet?

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I’m having trouble with my VIP pass. It disappeared yesterday and I can’t get my gems and free passes. Is someone having this issues?!


Yes, it just happened to me as well. I sent a ticket so hopefully, they will restore it soon.

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How to send a ticket? Bc I bought it today and I didn’t get my gems and stuff