Episode What are you doing?

So these past days there is a lot of drama in the episode community…
So as many may know episode has new guide lines:
Something in like the lines not more then 5 punches in one episode.

A lot of small authors and big ones like bukki have to change their stories and that is a lot of work

My opinion🤔:
I think episode is doing it all wrong like They have these guide lines that They do NOT even follow. Other authors who do not follow there guide lines have to change their stories and episode self doesn’t have to change it like whattu…
I think 5 punches in ONE episode is like not that much because stories that specialize in gang related things or magic or war need more than 5 punches they need like 20 or more so I think episode has to seriously get rid of this guide line

What is your opinion?
I would love to hear it🤔


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