Episode won’t let me use gems?

Episode won’t let me use my gems to skips ads although idk if I should be complaining it does save me money by not using them all up. :thinking:
BUT… when I’m really into the story and want to read back to back it kind of annoys me. When I click “play” it goes straight into the ads and doesn’t give me the choice to use gems to skip or watch ads. Wondering if anyone else is having this problem? This has been happening to me for 3 days now :eyes:

This has also been happening to me. Some episodes there is the option to skip and other episodes it just goes straight into the ads.


Same thing is happening to me but more often than not

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I’ve never had this option, I’ve always just had ads play

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So sorry to see this is happening. If you have the time please submit a ticket letting the team know what’s happening and they’ll see what can be done from there. Thanks! :sunglasses:

Tried to submit a ticket, and I’m not sure how?
I’m having the exact same issue as OP, but I’m on my laptop and it asks for a “Support ID”, which I don’t have/don’t know what is?
Sorry for not knowing much, I’m an everyday Episode user and have never encountered a problem before now and it ended up directing me to the forums for the first time!
Thanks for any help you can provide :slight_smile:

It’s all good @kinak :wave:

Feel free to click on the link below for more info on how to obtain your support ID and if you have any other questions feel free to reach out to @Sydney_H or myself. Thanks!

Happening to me too. I submitted a ticket and here is the response:

Thanks for writing in. As explained, the team will sometimes release certain special offers or features to small groups of players to make sure everything is working properly. This also means that many features may or may not be only temporarily available for the players to use. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of our support tools, we are unable to manually send special offers to players’ profiles.

I’m hoping the feature returns soon. I cannot stand watching 1 to 2 minutes of ads per episode/chapter. What I don’t understand is why the option to pay to skip ads is not available to all. I buy gems to skip ads, but now I won’t have a reason to buy gems. Please bring this option back.

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I’ve never had the option to skip the adds…

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Me tooo.

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