Episode won’t load


I have had an issue with episode that when I read a story it went back to the same episode over and over so I wrote a ticket and got my game cleared but now when I have downloaded the game it says that my game is not saved ( which is fine) but it loads until the very end and still doesn’t load. I tried leaving it over night to load it didn’t work. I tried downloading it again many times. If I close the app and go back in it crashes straight away and brings me to the home page.


Hey there @Lili.episode, sorry to hear about your issue. :frowning: Not sure what to recommend other than to submit another ticket and inform them of the issue. :wink:


Okay thanks


Were you able to solve it? Something like that happened to mine too , I tried sending in tickets to Pocket Gems but they told me to discuss it in the forums.


No it still doesn’t work :frowning: how did you solve yours?


Mine is still not working…I’m out of idea on what to do


Same, I really like the game but there’s nothing I can do… maybe it’s just a bug that most people have? When has that first happened to you?


About a few weeks ago. I’ve played episode for 3 years and never encountered such a problem. I don’t know what’s wrong too…


I’ll try finding some help online and tell you if it works


Were you able to come up with a solution? I still couldn’t get one


Hi have u guys found a solution yet? I just installed myne and the thing just keeps loading !!! I haven’t even got to the actual game or whatever it’s irritating!!! Pleeeaaassseee heeellppp!!!


Yes guys I have. I texted episode and they just said you are allowed to download episode now, and when I did it worked


Mine still doesn’t work!!


They texted me back too and when I redownloaded , the same problem still occur. I messaged them again but no replies at all…


How do I text episode


I’m having the same issue, I can click on the story but as soon as it goes to load it chucks me off and starts again. I’ve bee playing this for a long time and its so frustrating how I now can’t read any of my stories. Emailed episodes and got told to come on the forums to try get help


@Tgurl92 email their support team.


@raerae31 same! Although they helped me to do some restoration or something , it still didn’t work. I emailed them again about it and I got no replies :frowning:


How do I email them


You can email them by using this link if I you can’t get into episode: https://episodesupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
Also guys try waiting for the email because they even gave me passes to catch up on my stories because they do take a week to reply sometimes