Episode won’t open



The app isn’t opening I’ve tried everything but it just doesn’t open it says connection time out, I cloesd the app restarted the mobile and yhe server several times I deleted apps, I deleted the app and reinstalled it also for 7 or 8 times i still doesn’t work i sent a ticket also asking for help but there is no response please help this is getting into 7 months


check your internet connection


Hello @Menna1, this is Sydney the moderator. Welcome to the forums! :smiley: Sorry to hear about your issue; the best thing you can do is wait for the team to respond to your ticket. :wink:

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when did you sent a ticket?


Episode loads, but when it “finishes” that error keeps popping up, I recently moved homes and around 8+pm, when I open the episode app, it says this. In my old home, I could stay up all night and read. I don’t know why this is occurring here. Keep in mind, I can’t open the home screen on Episode because of this.

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