Episode Wonder Official Thread! ✨


Hello there everyone! We present to you another art group wanting to help out the community: Episode Wonder! We can help you out with any art that you need for your story. Covers, splashes, art scenes, you name it! Our members and their examples will be commented because as a new account, we can’t post more than one image. :roll_eyes:


  1. Please do not be rude. We have the right to decline requests.
  2. Please be patient with us. It takes time to make art, and rushing us will not help.
  3. Remember to credit us!
  4. Please do not request the same thing from multiple threads. It is a waste of both of the artists time.

We are hiring! If you would like to join Episode Wonder, PM us or fill out the form!

Hiring Form


Request form


That’s all for now! Feel free to request! :heart:

Looking For Artists (Episode Wonder)!

Here are our members and examples :heart:










I’d like to request art from @Whioopi


Of course! But it’s very late for her at the moment so just tell us the request and we’ll tell her when she’s awake :slight_smile:


Okay great!!

Is there a form I could fill out or do I just explain the art scene? :heartbeat:


Could you explain please?


Yes for sure! I would like a scene with this character:

But I would like him drawn and edited so that he could look extra-sexy :grin:

Also, could you please make him an overlay? :grin::sweat_smile::heartbeat:


Of course! we’ll ask @Whioopi as soon as she wakes up.


Thank you so much!


I’m so sorry for the inconvenience, but we completely forgot to mention that she is not taking requests at the moment as she is on vacation. :sweat_smile: So sorry, but you might want to request back in a while if you want her specifically. Or, if you need it as soon as possible, we could have someone else make it for you or you could request from another group.


Aw that’s okay! Can I get @CrazygirldY_dY_dY to make it? :heartbeat:


I messaged you!


Of course! She’ll try her best, but just be aware that Limelight is not her strong suit. :heart:


That’s alright! I’m sure she’ll do great! :grin:


Very pretty!


Do y’all do overlays?


We do! Just send the details :sparkles:


Thank you :purple_heart:


i want a png of the words Hale Huna and Anonymous Author

i want them to looks magical and colorful because my story is a fantasy


Of course! Do you have a specific color you’d like?