Episode won't let me log into my googlemail!


Every time I go on the Episode website on my laptop, it directs me to an old google account that I do not use. I seem to log out of it and when I go back to signing in, it keeps going back to the old account. It won’t let me fully log out so I can log into my original one.

P.S. Every time it goes to my old account a message at the top says ‘ERROR : You cannot access this story. If you previously could, your access has been revoked.’

Any help please?


I Know

This has happened to me before.

You have to log out completely on your gmail account, sign back in, sign out of episode with the account you dont want and log back in


Yes. I did it. It worked.



You’re welcome! ^^


It’s happening to me too how do I log out ?


there is a settings icon in the top left corner
press it and it should say log out

also make sure to log out of both things ^^


Kk thanks


Ugh, yeah it’s super annoying ! I have my school gmail and my gmail I use for episode and other things but one day …
I WAS STUCK ON MEH SCHOOL ACXOUNT NUUUUU! I managed to solve it and log back in but BRUH : / that took forever XD


That’s what happened to me!




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