Episode wont let me login on my phone to upload my overlays?

I’ve been trying to login to upload my overlays and don’t know what to do bc I cant get in. Please help!!!

So what exactly happens when you try to log in? Are you logged in with another account or does it simply not do anything or- yeah, what’s happening? :flushed:

Episode logged me out so whenever I try to login with my email it’ll glitch a bunch and then try to redirect me to a page and then say too many redirection to have occurred

Ah, I see. Have you tried switching your browser to private? That used to happen to me and switching it to private fixed it.

hmm how exactly would I do that?


Don’t mind my pages pls. :skull:

Bottom left. :relaxed::v:t2:
I’m on iOS though, I don’t know if you are? :thinking:

Omg your a life saver!!! thank you sooo much!!!

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No worries! I’m glad it worked for you. :grin:

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