Episode won't let me upload my own backgrounds. Can someone help me?



I would like to upload my own backgrounds but when I’ve tried, I always get this message:

This story does not allow the uploading of story backgrounds/overlays.

I don’t understand why I can’t upload my own backgrounds. Can someone help me?



Are you working on mobile or computer?


I’m using a computer.


And this is where you are trying to download it to, correct?

Just trying to see where the problem starts.


Yes! But I can’t even get to that screen! Episode doesn’t even give me the option.

It only tells me that:
This story does not allow the uploading of story backgrounds/overlays.

When I press the Art Catalog tab.


What style are you writing in? I don’t know that that should make a difference, but I’m not sure.


I would suggest submitting a support ticket if you haven’t already. I went through and tried a bunch of different things with the different styles, but never got that error message.


I apologize for replying back to you so late. I had an emergency. The style I am writing in is, Episode Limelight. Thank you.


What is a support ticket? I’ve never heard of it. Thank you for trying to help me, anyway.




Can you screenshot the error message you get when you try to get into the art catalog? And, can you even get into the art catalog at all? Is it just the place where you upload backgrounds?


I can’t screenshot the error message because It flashes too quickly. Every time I press the art catalog tab, I get this message: This story does not allow the uploading of story backgrounds/overlays. And then all the other available backgrounds pop up. Yes! I can use the art catalog. I just can’t upload my own backgrounds or overlays and I’m trying to figure out why.


Are you already writing a story? (Like in the script)
And can you Upload overlays?


Yes, I am currently writing my first story on Episode Limelight. I’ve already completed three episodes. I just want to figure out why I can’t upload my own custom backgrounds. No, I can’t upload my own overlays, either.


You should really submit a support ticket…

This is the address:


You’ll need to choose episode form or episode portal form, choose episode portal form.
The address comes with emails from Episode, they should answer you soon after submitting the ticket.

You can also get to it from the setting in the app.

And one more question, did you try to upload covers for your story? It’s another kind of image you upload, I wanna see if you can’t upload anything at all, nut seriously, contact Episode.


Thank you for your help! Yes! I was able to upload my cover art to my story! The episode team just approved it today. I’m not having a problem anywhere else on the Writer’s Portal. It’s just the custom backgrounds and overlays I can’t seem to upload any of my own. I am going to fill out the form you gave me! I really appreciate all your help. :grinning:


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