Episode won't re-link my new account?

Hi. 6 days ago, I installed the episode app on my new iPhone (IOS) device. When prompted to login to my google account, I did so, until I got an error stating that I was trying to switch and android device to IOS.

I sent in a support ticket, and about an hour later, got an email from a staff member named Lauren. They’d asked me questions, which I gave them information for.

3 days went by, and I got no response… I tried logging in, hoping that they’d already restored my account; Yet, I got the same error message.

So, I emailed them again, and guess who responded? Lauren, with the same old automated email. So, I emailed them again, that was 3 days ago. Can someone just add my old email on my old account to a new account so I can test out my stories? Thanks.

Hi there @Heziboi, it’s likely that you have submitted multiple tickets for the same issue. This will push your message further down the queue, creating a longer wait time for a response. It’s best to wait for a response from the team before adding your own :smiley: