Episode won't work helpppp!

So my app won’t work like I click i get inside it keep loading then they tell me that I have to reconnect to the server or something PLEASEEE HELP ME GUYSS

either restart your phone, or write down your username and password, delete the app, then install it again, and then sign in with the the previous username and password given, before uninstalling it.

It won’t show me the stories it just keep loading and loading

You may have to contact pocket gems then, sorry.

And how do i do that ?

I think just search pocket gems ?

I will thank you

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If it says ‘reconnect’ maybe turn your wifi off and then on again?
Or submit a ticket to pocket gems :smile:

Make sure you’re on WiFi and if you don’t have WiFi your cellular data is on for episode (if you have a data plan)
You could also try getting close to your WiFi hotspot

I will try this for sure

Thanks I’ll try this

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It says “TIMED OUT” “The connection timed out. Please try to connect to the server” What Should I do ?

Have you submitted a ticket to pocket gems?

You can submit a ticket here:


What’s a Support ID ?

If you go onto the Episode App and click the ‘…’ in the top left hand corner, scroll down to settings and then scroll down to the bottom. It will say ‘Support ID’ and then a long code. You can easily copy it by holding down and clicking ‘copy’.

I can’t get into the app tho

99% of problems are solved by uninstalling the app, and reinstalling again, the app is working fine for me so it may just be a technical glitch, give uninstalling a try.

I did it 2 times actually and it still not working This happened just after the update and like I can’t do this girl I love this game so much and I’m writing a story right now like …

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That’s really bizarre, try the troubleshooting section for ideas Yasmine, worst case scenario, mail the Episode team directly.