Episode Writer Portal and Episode App Doesn't Match!



Hey! I need some help! I’m kinda stuck here in a situation and can’t seem to get out of it. Recently I went back to check my Unpublished Episode story and I can view it on the Episode App, but I can’t seem to find it in the Episode Writer Portal :frowning: In the “Start Writing” Column, it doesn’t have a tab with my story and it says “No Current Story” but I can see it on my Episode App! Pls help a girly out! How can I fix this?? Thank you!


Can I see a screenshot of your writing portal


This is how it looks like online.


Press manage your story


This is how it looks like on my device. As you can see, I have 2 stories that are unpublished and are playable. I created the 2 on my episode writing portal, the one I am most concerned of is the one titled, “Flawed”. I actually have a few episodes on it and I can play it, but I can’t edit it on the writer’s portal because it’s not shown.


Press mange your story on writer portal


I tried that already, but it only shows the examples that were given. None of my own stories.


did you scrolled down


I haven’t. Scroll down where?


When you press manage storie you will the example on the left then scrolled down


Omg! I found them! Thank you so much! Sorry I am still very new at this :sweat_smile: Thank you again!


Your welcome :grin:


I been there


Moved to Directing Help & Tips as this is not an Episode Bug. Thanks.