Episode Writer Portal Bugs/Glitches

Has anyone been having troubles with the writer portal recently? For instance, my script won’t load, I can’t create a new character because the website is so slow etc.

Is this just me or is anyone else experiencing these bugs??


I haven’t experience this, no. Is it only episode that is responding slow?

i thought i had a glitch or bug when I was trying to make my character slap another character but it worked.

Me too! My writer portal keeps crashing


I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but my sound previewer isn’t working. :woman_shrugging:

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@missy.episode @Zey @ItzFarrah please submit help tickets to our support team, they’d be more than happy to help! :grin:

it happens to me when I have slow internet connection - but maybe it is different reason by you.

This is what happens when I open up one of my episodes that I want to work on :frowning:

It’s perfectly fine now after I restarted my laptop. Thank you, though! :slight_smile:

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You might want to send a support ticket :woman_shrugging:t4:

I remember I had this one time too a while ago…I havent realy solved it it just after few housrs was OK If I remember right so I unfortunatelly cant reccomand solution.

Update: So I managed to fix it by re-installing Chrome :slight_smile: If anyone else has this problem maybe try re-installing your internet browser

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The exact same thing is happening to me?..Have you found any solutions?..If yes please help me because I can’t continue writing and this is so depressing.
Please help me!

Me too! The screen keeps freezing and it doesn’t let me do anything else

My portal just deleted all of my progress!! I am super upset as I am writing on deadline for the squad contest!


I think it would be best if you contact episode. I did and they told me to do some things, it still doesn’t work perfectly but yeah… Also, everytime you open the portal make sure that you laptop is being charged.

When i try to change the camera , i cant go to the right , it just wont let me , even when i zoom in or out . or when i do : @zoom on CHARACTER to 200% in 0 if the character is in the part of the background that is on the right it will not work ; the only sollution is to zoom out , to be able to see a part of the right . :sob::sob::sob::sob:
Someone PLLLLSSSSS Help .

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Do you use chrome. ?

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The only thing I can tell you that it worked for me is that every time I open writers portal , I charge my laptop at the same time and it works fine. Have you tried that?
Or maybe log out from your email or episode portal and log back in. I did that as well

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