Episode Writers, Give Yourselves More Credit

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed. You might be writing, editing, coding, making art for, and promoting your own story on the forums and on social media. And you feel like you’re not doing enough. :sweat:

But you know what? In a more traditional setting, those would be the jobs of 5 different people. You’re mad at yourself for not being able to do the jobs of five people? Give yourself a break!

If there were a way to create small teams of people to do these jobs, maybe that would be something, but collaborating with people is also hard, especially with people you don’t know and see and get to work with in person. We’re not doing this as a full-time job. :clock4: We all have our own responsibilities and it’s hard when those get in the way. Even people with the best of intentions have a hard time keeping up the same motivation through something when it’s so difficult to see any kind of return on investment of time.

So, give yourself a little more love :heart: and give yourself more credit. What you’re doing isn’t easy, but as long as you’re trying, you are accomplishing something, even if it’s not immediately bringing you fame and fortune.


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Wow, I’ve never thought of it this way :anguished:
This is a really good way to put it. I’m bookmarking this. I feel like I really needed to hear this :two_hearts: