Episode XoXo review

Hi guys, I’ve downloaded Episode XoXo and did a short review of it on my insta Episode XoXo review by Istoria

I’m happy to answer any questions you guys have :slight_smile:

Also, what did you guys think about this new app?

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I just downloaded it but haven’t tried any stories yet. So far though, I think it’s pretty meh

I lowkey agree. It feels like an official episode story when free gem choices. And we all know how those gem choices aren’t usually worth it.


Is it available for Andriod?

I had it yesterday, in my time zone it was earlier, and I checked one story (full reading), so I can’t say much about other stories. But I enjoyed the free pass binging and the fact that if you have dark mode on your iphone/computer, speechbubbles are dark/black, which for me makes a difference in reading (and I prefer this dark mode option). I wish to have it on normal episode as well :sweat_smile:
As for choices, I strongly believe that it depends what story you read. (And let’s be honest, better have them free than 29 gems for 30 seconds of kiss).
Maybe I’ll give it a shot again in free time, but for now I’m 50/50, and I’m not sure where this concept goes.


No, apple arcade is… apple, so only devices with iOS can have this subscription :smiling_face_with_tear:


Ohhh, okay. Thank you!

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Can you create stories on it cause I miss mobile creation on here because all I have is my cell phone. It’s hard to do it any other way

Honestly I love it :joy: Its nice to be able to read and enjoy stories without worrying about being nickeled and dimed for gem choices and passes. If they add new stories on the regular it will be worth it. They only got a small selection as of now. They should also add community stories or at least the most popular ones through a “community pick of the week” type deal. It can promote their main app and encourage more people to write.

I think its cool this is an option. I already play other games in thr arcade so it works out. Not having to worry about in app purchases makes the $4.99/month worth it on its own lol

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Hello I’m doing the Neighbor Story and I’m wondering how to get the special scenes from having enough points.