Episode you need to bring classic alive again!

Episode needs to bring back the updates for classic stories!!! The only stories I like reading or writing are classic and they’re legit so unpopular because they are not getting updated anymore. Its totally unfair to the classic writers!!! I can’t be the only one who feels this!

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I thinks it’s similar to the ink situation. They said they were focusing on the new style (LL) and could no longer update because they upgraded and it was too outdated or something. Idk, probably the same for classic.


Its really unfair though. Like everybodys getting used to the style that they like then all of a sudden it starts getting less popular. I only like writing in classic and thats not gonna change. I just hope that they start updating or something soon.

Probably not. For ink people did this petition but that still didn’t change anything unfortunately. I’m sure one day LL will be an outdated style too.

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Ughhh I can’t believe it. It sucks. I mean the best I can do is to keep publishing my classic story I guess.


Unfortunately classic and ink styles will probably not be getting updated anymore (when you choose your story style, it says that they’re outdated styles and new features will not get added) so yeah :pensive:


ughhh its so sad. I don’t get what the harm in updating it is.

It’s probably hard for them to update all 3 styles :woman_shrugging:

Episode said already that they can’t update Ink bc it was created on older machines that are too outdated to work with :confused:

I think most of us who like Classic have accepted that it can no longer be updated. but it’s really saddening to see Classic (and INK) left in the shadows, as those are the two styles that really brought Episode their popularity.

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