Episode..you need to stop

Have y’all read the new “Princess’s Bride” story? I did because of the “Special Surprise” thingy inside and there are a TON of gem choices and not selecting them will hurt your LI, make his parents hate you, or make you wear rags. And the gem prices are far too high, didn’t they say that you could make “impactful” choices? I’m sorry lol but you can’t unless you have gems.

Oh and the best part? You ned to PAY 29 gems to get the happy ending. Or else, you lose your LI forever. This is the first story I’ve seen where you actually pay to win. The featured stories have no life whatsoever these days and are totally unlike any of their original counterparts. And I don’t care if I have to pay even 5 gems to get the happy ending, why tf should I even pay?

If episode implements pay-to-win as a new idea for all their stories I might consider quitting the damn app at this rate :skull:

EDIT: Some community members have said that you do still marry the prince at the end of the story. Which means my point about the ending is wrong. I’m sorry for any misunderstandings. But this topic is still there to protest against episode’s expensive gem choices and the fact you can barely be nice in these choices


And stuff like this is why I don’t read official stories anymore, and most certainly never will.


Community stories are superior anyway.


THIS. Lately, IDK what it is, but I’ve been noticing these literal DIALOGUE gem choices and if you don’t pick them, then your only other option is to be a b*tch to everyone.

This was in another story, but you get the idea.


100% agree with you on these stories feeling like pay-to-win. I get they’re a business, they need to make money, but it should never be at the reader’s expense–and TO THIS DEGREE. It’s sad, honestly.:confused:


Community stories for life!! :fist:t4::triumph:


Yeah there are best stories then featured lol like which has interesting mini games , great story plot , and meaningful choices!
Which genuinely makes me to support them with couple of gems , They deserve that support rather then these over the top sh*tty gem choices in featured ones.
I only read these “featured stories” to collect few gems so I can support those Awesome authors! :pleading_face: :heart:


I was told by someone that you get a happy ending either way with the new story. 🤷 I’m not 100% sure though because I haven’t tried out both routes for myself.

I support Butters but I will never like the layout Original stories tend to have with their choices. It doesn’t feel good to be pressured to pay in order to play as a morally decent character.


Yeah few featured stories have happy ending despite whether you spent gems previously or not!


Yep. I don’t read episode stories anymore, the plot is always the same watered down romance, its so boring and you need to pay a bajillion gems for EVERYTHING. Ugggh its soo annoying! I read ‘the prince’s bride’ just to check it out and see what the surprise was, and what a shocker… the surprise was nothing! Like seriously??? They’re trying so hard to get money and it’s ruining episode in my opinion. It’s not as fun anymore, it’s just annoying and It’s getting out of hand. :persevere::pensive:

Side note* The ending for the prince’s bride was soo bad. (Im not gonna spoil anything so dont worry) If you dont spend gems, you get a super lame, corny and iust overall horrible ending like most episode stories. Its like they made the story and came up with an ending in 5 minutes :disappointed:


I did find the pictures on reddit. The earlier stories did give you guaranteed good endings. I’m not sure about this one, the people in reddit say that the free one doesn’t lead to the same one. Again, not sure though…


I, for instance, haven’t spent any gems on this story and still got an happy ending with the LI. It’s true that they didn’t end up at first, but they get together later if you didn’t spend gems. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But overall, I agree with your post. The gem prizes are too high and some choices are just ridiculous (almost all featured stories, not only this one).


You can try if you got the ne pink gems to get more diamonds with ads afcorse

Wow, Episode is starting to go downhill with all the money grabs.


I’ve also noticed that the stories are just more condensed versions of the “regular” community stories. I’m sure the authors are getting a nice payout but why are they making people re-read the same story just because you added a few gems?


Exactly! Why would I read a shorter version with gem choices when I can read the longer, original version with free choices?


Episode: [ whispers ] unreleased clothing.


Maybe I’m alone in this but I kinda like having this option. Almost every story with a toxic LI gives you no choice but to be stuck with the Trash (Wo)man.

So few stories give you the option to stay single.

Even though free option is often the “bad one”, I would take that over paying 29 gems which almost always feels like giving into peer pressure.

Also I may just be the fact that I personally don’t get super invested into the story so I don’t care that much about gems choices


I don’t really read episode originals anymore considering that they are always the same and that they make you pay lots of gems for no reason


Couldn’t agree more on that.


I thought this the entire time playing! So many gem choices, all guilting you to want to pay. I get that Episode needs to make money, but it just made the whole story lack luster.