Episode..you need to stop

100% damn right.


I’m ashamed of the amount of gems I spent on this story so I didn’t come out of it feeling like a terrible person.

I don’t know if the information was also given if you didn’t spend gems, but with the mini games, it felt like some choices would give you information on how to win. Then to actually do the thing you know you have to do to win, you need to pay an even more overpriced gem option. Even if the free choices also got that info, the eavesdropping still gives you an advantage and it counts for nothing because you need to pay to win.

There were also times where if you didn’t pick the gem choice, in the next scene the “I love you’s” are still said anyway, so what was the point? (money)

Episode can very easily frame the choices as less manipulative and predatory to their young readers who are more susceptible to those tactics, and still have the gem choices be desirable, and yet they choose not too because this way gets them more money, and I have a big problem with that.

Absolutely none of this is against the author. It’s amazing to be able to get paid for your craft, and I doubt the authors have loads of control over the choices. People have bills to pay and they need to eat and I don’t blame them at all.


I didn’t select the choice for 29 gems & the prince still came back for her so don’t do it however they presented me another option for 19 gems and now I’m scared to ditch the option again EL O EL


I agree with everything previously said. If they made the choices more reasonable, I am pretty sure no one would be complaining. Like 10 gems for the premium choices feels more reasonable. But 29? It takes FOREVER to earn that, only only it to lead to the same ending as the free ones sometimes.
Also, I didn’t even know the community stories existed but have been a fan ever since I found out. I don’t mind supporting the community writers. Episode needs to do better.


I bought one of the designer collections, the London one, for 29 gems. So this meant I had 3 outfits that I could wear as I bought them. UM NO. It actually meant I could only wear the outfit 2 times total as that was when they offered it to me. So I couldn’t even wear all 3 outfits. Every time there was a ball, I would hope I could ACTUALLY wear the dresses that I BOUGHT, but I had to wear the f-ing ugly pyjamas and everyone would laugh or pay another 30 gems for a decent dress. Absolute scam if you ask me. There were at least 2-3 gem choices per episode, and otherwise, people would make fun of you and you would lose all the challenges. No hate at all to E R Gurney, her directing is amazing and all her stories are incredible, it’s just this story has been do infiltrated by episode, it is just a money grab, not enjoyment or happiness.


Um no you are bit wrong. I read until the end and you can still get a happy ending. I paid no gems.
Yes there is a lot of gem choices that is expensive… A lot is unnecessary because if you told her not to go talk to him, he’ll still come and talk to her.
But spoiler alert you will still marry the prince. However he will be a normal guy. the story will end there. However there are options if you want to see the honeymoon, their baby and I can’t remember the other option.
But yea, the gem choices maybe could of been lower like 5 lol. But I still enjoyed the story.


Oh, alright. Reddit did scare me a bit with that last image. It is a relief that you can still be with the Prince, thanks for clarifying!


This is exactly why I stopped reading episode official stories and also cuz the storylines r dumb!
But this is honestly, ridiculous😒


I haven’t really read The Princess bride because all the story that are on the first page always / almost always requires gems and it honestly sucks and I agree that the gem price is Crazy as anything as well as they kind of force you to get the worst choice unless you have thousands of gems and are able to spend money for it but Im broke with both and I think some other people are in this situation too . But like why can’t they have a good choice clothing for 5 gems or 2 then a Ok ish as a just in case people can’t afford gems ?


Yea Ik what you mean like could they maybe lower the gem price to like something between 1-6 or even have a decent option in case your broke ?


Hi. I think you shouldn’t be so dramatic about this because Episode Original Stories had for a long time been with thousands of choices with gems, unfortunately.

This is not to offend you, ofc :))


I started reading the Princess bride but in a recent episode, THE MEAN PRINCESS WILL BE OFFERED THE MAGNIFICENT ROOM IF I WON’T PAY GEMS like whaaaaatttttt


Yea I don’t rlly like how you have to spend some many gems like I’m not made of money I’m poor asf .



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This is why I stick to Community stories.

It’s so unfair to the readers that they have to pay for nice/decent clothing for their characters, AND that they also need to pay hefty prices (ex: 29 gems to keep your band together in a previous screenshot above) to have a happy ending and to be a decent character (or human being).


hmm… that true, i also stick to community stories sometimes tho


My Immortal >>>> Episode Originals.

(No hate to the lovely authors!)


It’s so sad that these are real.


The saddest thing is that you end up with the LI anyway (you can’t just dump 'em and find someone who is three-dimensional), so the choices are ultimately moot.


Same I also do community stories to because the ones they feature on the main page of episode’s app normally require you to spend a crazy asf amount on clothing and then if you don’t chose it make you fell bad . Like bruh lower the dam prices please we are not made of money episode most of us are broke asf .