Episode..you need to stop

Personally, as a reader who does purchase gems, I only make gem choices when I don’t feel bullied into it. I have gem choices in my story, but it’s absolutely possible to unlock scenes and get a good ending even if you never purchase 1 gem!

When I read if I really like a story I might pay to get a bonus scene because I love it, but I’m not going to do it if the main LI is going to tell you that your outfit looks like garbage just because I didn’t spend money in-game. I mean who wants that kind of LI anyway?

I know people are talking about readers leaving the app. I don’t know how accurate that is, but if it is true I’ll bet this has something to do with it.


episode really likes to toot their own horns. The authors seem like such lovely people, I don’t think they have anything to do with the ridiculous prices. I’m getting sick of it. the age demographic for episode is teenage years. teens dont have the time or money to buy 6 million gems just so they can kiss the LI.


True I mean if you wanna support the author I can understand that but for buying an outfit and if u don’t to get looked at or feel like trash like ik it’s a thing that your supposed to buy the best option so u don’t feel that way but still most teens read episode and most of us are already broke or going to be broke if we keep having to use our money for gems for little things .


Episode Originals would be vastly improved if they ended like Shakespeare plays.

The MCs are all so boring and rude!! Who would want to date them? They’re as manipulative as the LIs when you don’t pick the gem options.


Certain gem choices are so irritating and completely unnecessary. I understand 5 gems but why spend 30 for a basic outfit. Honestly :expressionless:


Imagine adolescents being rude, cocky, reckless and doesn’t dress properly for the event because Episode says that it’s an option :skull:
I’m imagining a new breed of Reginas.


The company needs a way to make revenue, and Episode Originals are a huge part of that, I guess.