Episode youtubers who post their own stories?

Have there been any episode youtubers that post their own stories?

Cause i actually plan to do so so i can have ultimate freedom
To edit the video in cool ways
Out main stream music
Maybe Even custom animations

Yeah so does anyone know any episode youtubers


The only Episode Youtuber I know of is Amanda Traver (I don’t know what her @ is on here, but her insta is @/amanda.epy).
Joseph Evans posted tutorials on his YouTube channel but I don’t think he does a whole lot of Episode-related stuff on that platform.
@Scotti (I hope I got the right user) may or may not have a YouTube channel, I just remember that she used to post reaction videos on her insta, but I haven’t seen her page around for quite some time. :see_no_evil:


Oh well, yeah that’s not really what I’m looking for
But Thanks!!
I guess ill be the first

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Well me hahah. I wouldn’t say I’m a YouTube much. But I post my stories there hahah.

As in I screen record myself and I upload the vids on YouTube. I think this is what you are looking for? :sweat_smile:

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Yazzzz this is exactly what I’m looking for!
Guess I’m not the first! Lol
But at least I’m not the only!

if you go to my thread, Ive got links to many episode youtubers with good content under the resources tab A beginners guide to Everything Episode

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@InannaHQ please note that posting play-throughs of stories on YouTube is not allowed.

“For stories created by Episode, players can upload videos to YouTube as long as there is commentary. Videos cannot be just a recording of the story.”


I post my Episode story in YouTube as audio story.

Wow so nice

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