EpisodeGab816’s Art Shop πŸ’—


Hey guys! I’m still fairly new at all this editing stuff so don’t be too harsh and be patient!

I’m still working on editing the whole thing and making my own backgrounds!


I can also make warning and music splashes!

Fairly new at overlays lol. I can also do the twinkly lights full screen!

If you would like an character(s) send them doing the animation and clothed.

Also, send me how you would like your item to look like!


very nice can i dm you want i would like?


sure! thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:


your welcome hun


I need a background!


They are really good but your watermark is a little to noticeable


I know, lol. I only put it so people wouldn’t steal the backgrounds. The backgrounds come without the watermark!


How would you like it?


I need one of a luxurious bed room/living room


Ok! Do you have certain colour preferences?


Aah sorry


It’s okay :slight_smile:


Oh my goodness, those are amazing!! Can I have permission to use your hanging lights overlay? :smiley:


sure! just pm me and I’ll send it :slight_smile: