Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards: where are the matching lip colors for Limelight dark skin?

[Above is a chart detailing the issues with matching Limelight lip colors to dark skin characters. At first glance, some of them are passable; but do look closer to reveal the odd undertone. This discrepancy makes it difficult to customize and use dark skinned characters in the portal and during the ‘creation’ portion of a Limelight story.]

Hello! LB here.

I’m making a post about this since the Creators are more active in the Forums than on Instagram. Let’s hope we get some form of response before another year passes us by and our dark-skinned characters are forced to weather the holidays again with ashy lips.:snowman:

Limelight was introduced in 2017, with great promise of a variety of features. An update to Limelight skin tones was pushed out summer 2018. It’s great that there are now a healthy range of skin tones…but what good are they if they don’t have matching lip colors? Additionally, what good are they if outside of Plum and Black, lipstick colors are unavailable for darker shades?

Ink had the same dilemma until lip colors rolled out March 2017, courtesy of myself and EpisodeCreator @Cass . By that time, Ink had been out a good number of years. Characters darker than Taupe were only permitted to use the colors “Rose”, “Bordeaux”, and “Violet” as ‘lipstick’ shades outside of their matching nude lip shades. With the March 2017 lip color update, characters of darker hue could now use “Crimson”, “Emerald”, “Azure”, and “Raven”. Eventually “Sable” and “Chestnut” provided skin tone and lip options for melanin-rich readers and writers–also courtesy of myself and EpisodeCreator @Cass . Below is an image from my Instagram posted the day they were released March 28, 2017. The second update with Chestnut and Sable was posted April 8, 2017 here.

This is the precedent: provide dark skinned characters with basic assets after the fact–in essence, treat them as afterthoughts until the blaring issue is brought up.

It is 2018.

  • Limelight has been out for over a year now.

  • Many Limelight dark skin tones do not have ‘nude’ lip matches nor do they have complimentary lip colors outside of Plum/Black/Violet. Below is the chart available in the portal.


Now, I’m about to say something alarming and warn you to brace yourself.

  1. There are 55 lip color options in the portal for Limelight.
  2. Outside of ‘nude’ lip colors, dark-skinned characters can only use 3/55.
  3. Yes, you read that right.

It’s 2018: the age of Episode embracing inclusionary efforts. Why are dark skinned characters, again, afterthoughts?

@Liz @Cass

May we please get an estimate as to when to expect nude lip matches and complimentary lip colors for characters with dark skin?

If the art team is in need of visual aids, I’m more than happy to help.

Thank you.


I have been commenting on their Instagram along with many others. They can’t ignore us and I hope they do not merge with the diversity thread. This is a big issue. They claim to be so diverse and yet they have barely given us the basics of diversity. How can I make a cast with all dark skins but I can’t even have hair or lips to match and represent them? They need to step this up and do this. It’s needed for us. We shouldn’t be put to the side or a second thought, it needs to be done now!


Like, are they f*cking kidding me?! And have you noticed most of the assets are mainly suited for light-skins? Unfair treatment 100%! This is disgusting. And people are saying we need to be appreciative. FOR WHAT!? We barely have anything to represent black people and many other minorities.


It took them how long to give us lips colors for dark skins in Ink? Afro cultural hair for Ink? So long. They ignore us and “save us until later” like we are some damn objects, kept from being opened only when needed for something so small. We are people and we should be represented as well. PERIOD!


I’m with you 100%. It’s wild that the numerous skin colors they debuted this summer were created without thought of lip colors to match. I just…don’t…understand?

To your other point, I don’t know how the new forums work, so I’m not sure it’s even in the right category.:no_mouth: but I do hope we get a response as to when they’ll be out.


I’m pretty sure it’s in the right category.


^ - It’s kind of in the right category, the mods will either move this to the Episode Fan Community (where discussions happen), however, if you wanted to make this into a feature request you’d need to change the title to
FEATURE : Matching Lip Colors for LL Dark Skin


Smh. It’s a shame that in this supposed “woke” day and age black people/people of color, PARTICULARLY dark skinned black people/people of color still have to tell and beg to these companies to be more inclusive when it comes to our own/their features. Listen, I’m a light skinned Mexican girl and I LOVE natural hairstyles and dark skin tones. Dark skinned people are beautiful and unique and I love portraying and writing them in my stories. I have a deep admiration for black people and it’s truly sad that they barely get any recognition from these companies just to favor people with my skin tone or even lighter skin tones, y’know, the racially ambiguous or biracial type (In my case, I would be a mestizo person) because it’s the closest to the white european beauty standard. I hope that soon enough Episode reads this very important post and take consciousness of this. Representation is important and will always be!



Honestly, this isn’t a dark skintone only problem. None of the lip colors look natural for lighter skintones unless the character has hypothermia or something.


You people need to keep in mind that Episode comes from the USA, a Caucasian majority country.
And it comes from SanFran (CA) of all places, it doesn’t really get more woke/PC than that.

I’m not trying to start an argument, just pointing out some things you should think about before throwing a tantrum.


No ones throwing a tantrum though. :thinking: Pointing out the facts that they don’t have lips for dark skins = throwing a tantrum?


Oh me! I thought you meant her! lol

Yeah it kinda was. I just get upset with these things, you know?

I just meant any of you complaining about this non-problem in general.

Okay. I didn’t know that was your context. Thanks though for explaining.

Just thought to explain the :elephant: in the room.

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I wouldn’t say it’s a non-problem though. It’s pretty annoying that I can’t make realistic looking characters.


It technically is a non-problem. Episode is just an app after all.

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Finding a proper natural lip color for my characters is so difficult man, either their lips look super dry,crusty and ashy (too light for their tone) OR their lips make them look like hardcore smokers (too dark for their tone). Not here for it honestly, its just embarrassing. :woman_facepalming:


Correct! Then why not have some dark lipsticks right? It’s just an app like you said, a few color won’t hurt Episode.