Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards


I resent that, Ocean’s 8 was great :stuck_out_tongue:

What was the other one again oh yeah who actually cared about Ghostbusters anyway I sure as hell didn’t


But some people complain about Black Panther, when it definitely added diversity to a market saturated with cis, white characters. This is true. Episode, however, is saturated with badly written gay best friends and shoe-horned Muslims without any research done to make the diversity believable or engaging. It comes off as simply more insulting


Honestly, GBFs are really not that common anymore.


theres literally about 4 black people hairs and nothing else


Despite more people coming out.


Thank god for that, I like my gay characters actually being gay. Not just telling everyone that they are


im talking about like dreadlocks and stuff i meant to say there should be more etnic hair like different styles other than straight


This discussion has had a lot of threads closed, by the way. It gets heated =P


i know i saw so many getting flagged


A lot of black women still use wigs and weaves, so…


yeah i get you


I’ll never understand that.

“We want more hairstyles like ours even though I don’t accept my own natural hair!1!!”


The basic stance I have is that there are black, white, green and blue people with naturally curly hair. Hair isn’t a racial thing. It can be cultural, but once again, there’s crossover between cultures and races. Issues as complex as this get over-simplified by far-left AND far-right folks


yep i see what you mean


episodes new story about the princess wasnt a bad start


Can’t say I feel the same…


You can wear weave and wigs and still be Natural Positive. Wearing weave can protect your hair but it matters if you wear it correctly. Wearing a weave shields your natural hair and protects it. I wear weave at times and I still am Natural Hair positive. You can take care of your hair and still wear weave, Do not associate wearing weave with not caring for your hair or that you can’t be positive for natural hair if you do.


if you think about it it could have been way worse


It’s like when MUAs say they don’t hate being bare-faced. They can keep telling themselves that, but we all know it isn’t true.


Soo? They can wear makeup and do makeup but still be okay with bared or natural faces. Same with wigs and weave. Your point makes no sense. You can be okay with both sides.