Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards


Omg we got a another one :roll_eyes:


Well if diversity is a matter of perception then allow us, who feel that Episode isn’t doing enough, to ask for more diversity. It’s serious to us so…


well I can because according to your standards of diversity I am under represented. It isn’t hateful to disagree with a position. I am not speaking for anyone. I have stated this is my opinion. You don’t have to agree with me. I am a frequent reader of Episode and I just don’t take it so seriously. It is an app meant to give an opportunity to people to bring their stories to life. In my opinion, if you don’t feel represented then try other apps like episode, or like I have stated before try going to the user stories, I am more than sure, you will find a story that has what you are looking for.


Thank you for understanding. But remember, just because you don’t take it seriously do not shame or speak on others that do. We feel it is very important.


No one HAS to represent anyone. The authors create their stories to their liking. They are stories, they aren’t real. You have the platform to express your creativity to create your own story with representation for groups you believe are being under represented.


I am not shaming anyone. If you feel that way, it isnt my intention. All I am trying to say is that, this is meant for entertainment and when people are creating stories they have characters in mind looking a certain way. You also have the option of customizing characters sometimes. As for me personally I read the user stories the most, they are more entertaining and interesting. Episodes stories sometimes are boring and weird. Seriously look into the user stories I have read some really amazing ones from there.


I’m sorry but that was very rude and disrespectful. Just because it a a game doesn’t mean anything. It is widely used by everyone and everyone should be represented. So you are saying POC shouldnt have to be represented? The LGBT+ community?


We are barely seen and are minority’s within the app. Saying no one should be represented is just plain rude. We deserve to be seen just as any white character. White characters are shown way more than us. We deserve recognition too


when i say everyone I literally mean EVERYONE I’m not excessively talking about LGBT or POC I am referring to everyone. Yes it is widely used I am fully aware of that. What I am saying is no one should be forced to represent anyone they are not choosing to represent.

meaning if LGBT writing do not want to represent straight people, they dont have to. and vice versa
if POC do not want to represent white people then they dont have to. and vice versa
If an aithiest doesnt want to represent a christian in a story they dont have to
if a woman doesnt want to represent a man in her story then she doesnt have to.

No one has to do anything really. They should want to do it, if they so chose.

is that clear? or did it come off rude?


I understand how you feel. I am guessing mostly white people use the app or something. So write your own story and have it become super popular, show Episode what they are missing out on.


That…makes no sense
The worlds not just one skin tone
Episodes is an app ppl world wide use it
Choosing to only show one race is fvckd up…
Not only white ppl use the app
World takes all kinds no ones forcing anyone to do anything.
And by force u mean…add people of color to a FICTIONAL work…its a story its entertainment

Also not everyone can direct on episodes some ppl are readers some creators and some are both


Ah. I get it now. Yes they aren’t forced to. However, if you constantly ignore minority groups such as POC along with LGBT+ then that is messed up. That’s where we need to speak up. No you weren’t rude on that part. Now I got it with a better explanation. But with white, straight people being used constantly instead of others comes off as unrepresented and non diverse. I get it now what you mean though. You are somewhat right but we need recognition too. And Episode needs to be held accountable


I do but people will be less interested in it compared to no diverse stories. Stories that have only white, straight people get more attention while the others that add diversity don’t. See what I mean?


I am assuming they maybe used more because they may be majority readers idk, who knows how they decide these things. I personally Just won’t let this bother me. I know my worth and it isn’t measured in an app that is full of fictional stories.

I would have to disagree with your last point, simply because User stories are based on the amount of reads they get. That is how they become popular. So you are saying that the majority of readers are not interested in reading stories that are more diverse? if that is the case then the problem would be on the readers and not the company. Readers aren’t interested and not that the company doesn’t promote it.

However, my personal opinion is that the majority of episode readers do enjoy diverse stories, and that people are more interested in a GOOD story, well written and well executed. At least that is the case for me.


Diversity isnt a genre


yeah I’m aware, usually the stories have a description of what it is about, or an artwork, they let you know if you can customize your characters or not. the author lets you know if it is LGBTQ friendly or not. There are ways to know if you will be getting what you are looking for in a story or not.


The point is…i shouldnt have to search for POC stories i like CC its my fav thing to read but being the only POC there (in a story) is what the issue is…my exp black ppl are the rude ones or the backround ppl or the sterotypical sporty agressive watever types…it should be a diverse group of ppl…(e.i. stuff like black loners/loud asians/ anybody really nlt just 1 token black girl in a sea of one race in some fictional place)




Yeah, I have noticed that. It sounds like the problem is mainly with the authors of the story. So what is the solution? force the authors to create the story the way we want it so that we can feel good? I guess my question is what is the best possible solution to something like this? For me it would be to have more POC writing amazing stories and publishing them.

Look when I customize my characters I usually make them of darker skin, well because they just look prettier to me. even if I am the only one that is dark skin. I make her and the love interest the best looking one out of everyone lol

so mind me suggesting the stories
forever yours
meet me at sunset (where you can even customize your friends)
Jealousy in high heels
why me?
tangled love
I have read many many stories where what you are talking about isn’t an issue.


Read why me liked the MC hated the plot and the guy
Adding the rest to my readlist except jealousy in high heels(not my story type) and tangled love might be pushing it but well try it