Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards


lol! I actually stopped reading why me after 21 chapters, cause i got bored. (story was dying)

I guess I am big on romantic dramatic stories.
yeah give them a read, I truly enjoyed most ones the ones on that small list, I know I have more, I would have to look on my phone and check.

I am also going to be starting on my own story (hopefully that works out)

hope that list helps and maybe leads you to more good stories. (happy choosing lol) :wink:


I really don’t think you understand the power of stories. I don’t think you are really capable of seeing the bigger picture and understanding what stories do in society… and what companies are responsible for when it comes to society, so let me give you as much information as possible.

  • Why do you think propaganda exists? Why do you think much smarter people than we put their efforts into writing? Why do you think dictators are so concerned with the written word and censoring it? I can guarantee you that it’s not just because they’re paranoid. It’s because they realise how “just stories” can be used to spread new ideas – ideas that a dictatorship may not want to exist. That includes Episode because we live in the digital age where interactive stories are growing in prevalence.

  • If Episode’s featured stories don’t include diversity, how can we really expect the community stories to? They’re a professional company that has the power to hire professional writers. A lot of the community writers are new at this and could use all the good examples they get

  • Episode made us a promise that they didn’t keep. Several in this case. There is nothing wrong with us commenting on the fact that they set out to do something they didn’t end up doing, anyway.

  • Most of these stories are set in the US… where people are of different creeds and colours. American people aren’t all just white, so it’s a real issue for someone to not physically be able to add diversity in their stories as an American, that’s a real issue. I mean, it’s not like white and black people live separately, so for someone to actively avoid representation in their stories… it screams of ignorance or an actual avoidance of anyone who isn’t white.

  • Stories are how we come to terms with ideas that are complex. It’s difficult to speak about things that have actually happened or are happening, but say if we took a Stalin character out of the Russian setting and turned him into a pig called Napoleon. Suddenly we have the ability to see his actions for what they are and criticise him in a different setting. That’s why Animal Farm was banned in the USSR.

  • “It’s just a story” undermines every single person in the world studying literature or media or anything involving the study of how we represent ideas in different media.

  • Not being able to see how important stories are is the thing that makes you susceptible to their influences more. When you’re aware of the power that a story can have, you’re more likely to be able to avoid being influenced by stories negatively. You’re more likely to agree with Hitler in Mein Kampf if you aren’t aware of the fact that it’s written to persuade.

  • You may say “it’s not real life”, but where do you think people get their ideas for their stories from? Real life. Don’t you think it’s an issue if people can’t even humanise people from different backgrounds? It says a lot about their real-life experience.

  • Never read an Aesop’s Fable when you were younger? Remember the morals in them? Slow and steady wins the race? Do you actually think they just stop doing that in your books/stories/films//TV when you reach the age of ten? No. They just hide it better.

  • You might say “yes, real stories can influence people (because that’s the truth. They can and they do influence people and anyone who thinks otherwise is much more likely to be influenced because they’re not aware of it), but Episode stories are just for fun”. Well, that would be ridiculous. Don’t you think the same could have been said about books? TV? Film? What is the difference? That Episode is new and not taken seriously yet? That’s even more reason to be more aware of what’s happening with Episode stories.

  • When you’re not used to an experience and you want to imagine it, what do you turn to? Descriptions in books and events in TV and films. So imagine you’re someone who lives in a remote part of the countryside of Sweden where there are no POC. Imagine that every time you saw Arabic people on TV, they were portrayed as evil extremists. Then you found out that an Arab person was moving next door to you. What would you think? How would you feel? If you genuinely think that kind of thing wouldn’t affect you, I’m sorry but you think way too highly of yourself. It affects EVERYONE – even the smartest of people.

You claim you’re just stating an opinion, yet this is your actual honest attitude towards people who don’t share the same opinion as yourself:

Telling them to be silent and not complain about something they consider important. You didn’t just say “I don’t think it’s important.” You told people to stop finding it important themselves. That’s why you got a negative reaction. That’s not stating an opinion, that’s telling people how to think and react with regards to their own opinions. The “it’s my opinion” is just a backtrack from there.


Im tired of this diversity talk. Literally.

Yes, Episode thinks they are diverse but they are not. Yes that IS a problem. However authors not including people from every single race is NOT a problem. Its their own story, they can add it or not. Its not just “go ahead search then add” not every thing on the internet is true. Literally all yall do is talk. No act. You want people to add in your race? Nice. Go make your MC from YOUR race and teach people about your culture while the story is moving on!

Theres not a single character from my race. Do you know what I do? Yeah, I make my own characters from my race! Im writing a romcom but I also add in my culture! Do you know why I do this? Because people want stories! If I wanted to learn about cultures I’d watch a documentary not an episode story. Everybody thinks the same. So, go ahead and put the culture and diversity in. But also have plot.

The least you could do is have a MC with a culture that you’re familiar with. Thats it. No talk, just act.

And, to all those who think their story is diverse because their characters have different skin colors, DING DONG! YOURE FUCKING WRONG!

Diversity: race, sexuality, religion, no-religion, not-able bodies and probably millions of things that I cant think rn.


I think that’s a really unfair conclusion. Most of the people on this post write their own stories full of diversity. The person who just sits and complains and does nothing about it is largely a strawman Episode user.


So what ever happened to our 2017 diversity standards it’s nearly 2019 and not much has changed :thinking:


Every story has a culture to it because as soon as you put humans together, a culture is created. So what culture do you think is acceptable for a “normal” story and what culture is so weird and unusual that you have to learn about it through a documentary instead of just accepting it in a story?


Ffs here we go again.

Theres nothing called “unusual” culture. Stop thinking everything is offensive and racist to you. People watch documentaries to learn about anything. I watch documentaries about cats, does that make me an animal abuser? Youre not making any sense. Documentaries, article, book, literally anything!


So why do you need to learn about other cultures in some documentary if it’s not unusual or weird? Why can’t it be incorporated into a story? If it can, why even make the point? Why even bring up documentaries if you’re okay with different cultures in stories?!

Also, you realise that this post is about what Episode is going to do, right? It’s not about forcing user stories?!

Also, when did I call you a racist? Are you projecting? I never said anything about abuse? You’re worrying me now. You’re creating a fake person to argue with. Probably because it’s easier to create a fake person with silly arguments than actually respond to what I said.


Look. If a story is just revolving around a culture or just the sake of diversity. I wouldn’t read it. Because I want to see a plot, diversity shouldnt be a plot.

A story with no direction than just adding POC? I won’t read, but I respect those who read. But then saying “people wont read because they cant relate to POC mcs!” Is not right in my mind.

A story with POC and their struggles? Hell yes. This is want I want to see. I want a plot + diversity and culture. Not just diversity for the sake of adding a “Diverse!” Badge to the cover


You literally said that I think that some cultures are unusual and some or normal. Jeez


I wouldn’t read a story solely focussed on diversity either. But that’s not the point. Episode making it their responsibility to add diversity into their stories isn’t the same as making it all about diversity. In fact, if you actually read what a lot of these people are saying, they’re saying that diversity should be a natural thing that doesn’t completely take over in the story. because otherwise, that makes things worse and creates cliches. Making a commitment to add diversity isn’t the same as making stories all about diversity… and POCs are not the only type of diversity you can add to a story.

I never “said” that. I asked you questions. I asked you which cultures you’d accept reading in a story and which you reserve for documentaries… if you “wanted to” learn about them.

I’ll tell you why I asked that. Because in normal English, when you use “If I wanted to…” it means you don’t want that. You said the following:

Which in standard English (I can’t believe I’m translating English to English) means “I don’t want to learn about other cultures through an Episode story. I want to learn it through a documentary… if I even wanted to learn about it in the first place.”

That makes it seem like you can ONLY learn about other cultures through documentaries and that they can’t be included in a story without it being a problem to you.

So, I asked you questions. I didn’t say anything about you being racist. I wanted to know why you said that and what cultures you think you should learn about in a documentary and not on Episode:

You’re the one who made the assumption.


Thank you :clap:t4:


Oh lord.

The cultures I want to learn through documentaries instead of Episode… lets see… all of them? Literally every single culture, even my own continent, my own region!
Because documentaries are created for the purpose of teaching people, while Episode stories (not all of them but most of them) are created for entertainment purposes.


And whose sole goal for writing an Episode story with diversity is to teach you about a different culture? That’s only part of it. Why does including diversity in your story automatically have to be a learning experience about another culture? Why can’t you learn from Episode AND a documentary? Also, Episode stories are created for multiple reasons… and that is dependent on why the AUTHOR created the story. Why do you get to decide what Episode stories are for, when it’s clear the CREATORS value diversity enough to make promises? No story in the history of ever is only to entertain. They’ll have multiple uses, including to give out a message. It’s impossible to write a story without showing your own morals/thoughts/beliefs/feelings/priorities. Why is that a problem when it includes different races or cultures? Why do you think that documentaries can’t also be to entertain as well as to inform? I mean, who remembers everything they hear and see in a documentary? Very few people. They entertain too.


Who said it was a problem?


Clearly you have a problem with it if you’re getting angry with the people on here who want to hold Episode accountable for their promises… like they asked us to.


Gimme a sec I will explain everything im not good on phones :grin:


I’d like evidence of the people on this thread who are saying a single thing about needing to include every race/ethnicity in their stories. I mean, you brought up as some of us having an issue with it and said that it’s not a problem, but where did anyone else even mention it? It feels like you made up the issue and then made up the people to fight against.

Reductio ad Absurdum. Reducing a completely reasonable argument like “people should try to ad diversity in their story in some way, shape or form” to “EVERYONE NEEDS TO REPRESENT EVERY CULTURE IN EVERY STORY” is Reductio ad Absurdum.


I just think people keep continuously defaming and silencing us who want Representation and diversity, along with recognition without knowing the real meaning of why we do it nor try to. And they constantly appoint us as being rude and aggressive when they are being It themselves. Perfect example above. It’s like they are so blindsighted on what Episode constantly ignores on POC, the LGBT+, other cultures, other places, etc. And some of them are part of the minority groups and still do that. It’s sad that you can’t even defend or acknowledge yourself to realize that what this app does to your own people. You are agreeing to the fact we should stay quiet and let white, straight characters be constantly projected instead of others. You are. So stop putting this “Just make your own damn story.” “It’s just an app.” “It’s not serious.” Something used by variations of people should be able to showcase them. Why not represent others? Only showing a race that is highly seen more and ignoring others is messed and you need to know that. So stop telling us we are overreacting and being worked up. We aren’t. We want people to be shown for the greater good of the community and people. We aren’t forcing anyone to do anything. It’s them that are constantly ignoring other groups, that is the problem.


Reductio ad Absurdum is a tactic people use a lot to make people asking for diversity look ridiculous and unreasonable. Okay, we can get unreasonable sometimes, but this is proof of it. None of us has ever said every culture needs to be represented in every story.