Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards


Like right. They love switching up our words constantly. And yet never listen to what we really meant to say.


Which is exactly why I always quote people exactly instead of fighting against an idea I THINK they have. Because if you spend your time guessing what people mean, they can accuse you of claiming they’re racist when you have “no proof” of anything they’ve done wrong. If you quote them and respond to direct sentences, their only defence is “that’s not what I meant”, which is a lot flimsier. Plus, if we want to look reasonable as people looking for diversity, we should focus on pointing out individual failings and explaining why they’re an issue instead of sweeping everyone under the same rug (like the opposition does).

It’s like “ALL people wanting diversity are the same. They treat white people like they’re all bad when they’re not”. We see the hypocrisy, but they don’t. Which is why we need to show we’re different


Finally here, thanks for waiting :two_hearts::two_hearts:

I’ve never said Episode shouldn’t be held responsible for their actions. As you can see here (but you probably skipped it.) I’ve said that Episode thinking they are diverse when they are not even doing the bare minimum is a problem.

Let’s look at my old post.

They didn’t feature a story with a POC, they kinda did, but all of them are customizable. Not to mention that they white-washed a story.

Episode SHOULD BE held accountable, not because they don’t have diversity, because they think their stories are diverse, they are encouraging diversity when they are not even adding it themselves.

Episode is a problem, however

If you literally thought I’m saying “every race should be included!!” you’re delusional. And we might as well end the discussion here.

I said this because even when an author adds in a race, people are saying “Oh, it’s not diverse because you don’t have this insert race and all characters are heterosexual”

I’ve read the “It’s not diverse because you don’t have this race!!” thing on IG under an @episodecreators post. But I can think of one person right now that has said “Choosing your sexuality is not helping people! It’s not represention at all”

People always want the most extreme, while I do agree with it, I don’t think we should bash every single author for not being diverse. Diversity should be natural. I can see a forced diversity. I can see it when people add characters in Hijabi just for the sake of adding them and not dressing them according to Islam. If an author wants to add diversity, they will add it because they want to represent people. And they will ask people of color or LGBTQ+ members to avoid streotypes.

Once again, the sentence “go ahead search then add” is just going to give you forced diversity and will result in streotypes. We see this in Episode featured stories with token POC friend/gay friend.

I live in the middle of fucking east. Do you think Americans have any idea of Middle East? They don’t! And not all of them will search about it. So I will just make a regular romance story (since thats the genre that people read the most) but with a Middle Eastern girl/boy. I will teach them a few words (like mom and dad) and maybe even the clothing? Who knows.

This made you really angry I see. Maybe I worded it wrong but I’m not against learning new cultures, in fact I’m gonna start learning a new language when my exams are over. I love learning about different cultures, but do not just make a story to teach me about the culture. Have a plot as well. Literally. thats all i ask.

Maybe you missed this?


Plus, I never said I only looked through this thread. I look through every other thread and IG posts.

  1. Well why are you shouting at us for that?
  2. Give me proof of people on any post or Instagram post who say you need to represent every race in every story.
  3. Why post on a post holding EPISODE accountable about community stories and their issues? You’re just doing exactly what I said: brushing all people asking for diversity under the same rug.
  4. I don’t understand why you’re acting like I had an issue with you saying the story needs plot. That was never my point. My point was always that there’s nothing wrong with learning about other cultures through an Episode story, so I asked you what cultures you didn’t want to learn about through a story to try to understand.
  5. Again, I agreed that a story should have plot. I said that most people on the website agree with you… especially the people on this thread. I said that’s worse for diversity and that’s where bad stories come from. But that’s not the point. It never was. I never brought that up. You did, and it was irrelevant to my argument.


I’m “shouting” at the people who bash authors for not having “diversity”

You can go look for it yourself. This is not just exclusive to Episode. When a show has Black people in it, some people say “Where are the Asians?” this is a mindset. And it’s not exclusive to Episode.

From what I’ve seen there are 3 sides to this. People who want diversity, people who don’t care about diversity, people who want diversity but doesn’t go too hard on others or Episode. I specifically said “bashing authors for not having diversity is not ok” dunno why you’re stuck here. But its not really helping :confused:

I already said this. I do not want to read a story just to learn about a culture, I need passes for that. I’d rather read an article.

Yeah but it doesn’t change the fact that people get hatemails bc they don’t have “diversity”
If everyone thinks the same, who are these people that bash authors?


Since when did she say it was only exclusive to Episode?


Aren’t we talking about Episode? If you want to talk about diversity in general sure but this is a thread specifically for Episode’s diversity.


Look, just because you don’t want to read stories about other people cultures and other things about them, doesn’t mean others don’t. It is very rare to see it. You are proving my point exactly when I said people like you never want to understand why we are doing it nor do you try to. You just put us in the same position constantly


But where did say herself she only means Episode? That doesn’t answer my question


She says Episode with capitals… And this is Episode’s 2017 Diversity Standards


I want stories with others’ cultures, I just want plot as well. Are you even reading anything I said?


I see a nice plot matters with it as well. However, it would be better to have diversity added in as well




Yes! I want diversity as well, maybe I worded incorrectly. I just think that bashing famous authors won’t help. It’ll just stray them away.


Some are but don’t put us all in the category of doing so.



meaning no other purpose than culture. passes cause money and time.


Yeah, maybe there’s more than 3 sides to this issue, I gues people who want diversity, people who don’t care about diversity, people who bash others for diversity, people who want diversity but wants Episode to act first (me)


Ah I see. And a Story to teach you about a specific culture is rare. I’d be nice to see a story about it.


Maybe a comedy story who makes fun of streotypes and the streotypes makers would be fun. Of course while they teach you a few things. But who knows, I know that episode took down a story (it was editor helper) for not having a plot