Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards


Oh lord. I’m so sorry, this will have to be an extremely short reply, as I have to do my homework now.
Yes, I agree with what you said in your first paragraph.
I agree, I think at least common phrases and terms should be used, which is what I suggested as well. This would make it at least more accurate according to it’s setting, and give more of a vibe. I agree with the “your french is terrible,” actually. This is actually pretty funny and would give the author an excuse to use google translate so that the character’s French is bad enough to seem bad enough.
I understand the “So British” theme, but I think being British doesn’t necessarily come down to your name. You could be mixed and born in Britain with the name of Muhammed. It comes down to your behavior, language use, and the way you present yourself as well as your common traits with other people of the same country as you.
You caught me there. Forgive me on WIde. I was looking through mostly on his relationship with his family, and I didn’t read the second part. I assumed the first part meant he was accused as he was friends with Robert Ross, but it wasn’t anything, and I didn’t read about Douglas. (And, I have to say, that Douglas from what you said, seems like a great guy). Anyhow, thank you for correcting my mistakes.
Well, I can’t judge how LGBT stories are, as I don’t usually have time to read stories and I rarely read LGBT stories (based on my own sexuality, please don’t judge me, because I feel like people are more inclined to read stories of their own sexuality). I think this whole new theme is a leave it alone, or do it well sort of thing. You can’t go on a middle ground, It is also excessively annoying from a different sexuality if the sexuality you aren’t attracted to continues does pester you during the story, but obviously, I can’t judge because they at least put two different options. I would just prefer to have a story stick to one sexuality (I’m not trying to accuse bisexual stories here, but I’m just saying it’s a little annoying to jump around all the time and it’s just my preference. I have respect for people who spend so much time working on these and really, I don’t mean to offend anyone at all).
Lily Potter’s sacrifice was amazing. Now I think about it, I understand why I thought women- because a mother’s love is always portrayed as a brilliant, amazing one. That is a stereotype- but it doesn’t state a father cannot be as loving, which I like. Also, a mother has connection to her baby through her womb and pregnancy, so I genuinely cry when these parts come up.
Yes, I agree. Episode is influential- everything popular is. However, I can’t tell if they choose the be or not. At its base, the core of it was to make money. Sharing stories and creating them is part of its function, and influence is what comes after money and popularity. I agree they have to work harder in terms of diversity, but I’m extremely happy where they are starting to listen to our suggestions ( see the new updates) hopefully, for diversity as well.
I’d have to agree diversity is different for everyone else in terms of how you cope with the word. Diversity is diverse, and diverse things are diferent for different people. However, I think the true word isn’t diversity at all, it’s accepting.
However, if to be abel to accept all the “diversity” then all types of relationships might just be included. For example, syudent- teacher relationships.
Now, I can’t judge if it’s wrong or right, but mostly I stick to how I was taught.
Episode has to take big risks to put “diversity” out there.
I agree my point may not be valid, because student teacher relationships are all out there on Episode, but…
agh, my point doesn’t make sense. Let me rephrase:
Diversity is a confusing topic.
That’s what I mean.

Alright, I’m starting to get confused now, so anyways, again,

Happy Wondering!


I really think some people don’t understand some things about this, so let me just keep it short and simple: If you supposedly think we are all equal then why aren’t people from different minority groups shown as much? I don’t have a problem with seeing white, cis characters but it’s very constant and always ignored other races. We are trying to say that we shouldn’t have to ask for diversity, it should be already done and added. We shouldn’t have to correct people for how to do it. But since we have so many stubborn, close-minded people, we have to speak up. That’s the problem. It’s messed up that we have to continuously have this discussion. We need to be all shown and not ignored nor silenced. That’s all we want and people need to understand that. :woman_shrugging:t5:

DISCUSSION: Diversity Episode
DISCUSSION: Diversity Episode
DISCUSSION: Diversity Episode

@ShanniiWrites is highkey queen atm, well written and said.

People seem to forget diversity should come off as natural, blend and synthesized in the story.

Honestly, I can’t even think of a single white person in my own story that’s truly significant lmao. Somehow I haven’t gotten 'ur a reverse racist!!!111" yet.

I just don’t understand how people are so BORING with the same kinda characters (even background characters) over and over again. Like… it’s honestly not even just racist.

It straight up tells me you’re not creative enough to create a plethora of a rainbow of POC, LGBTQA and disabled people, EVEN as background characters. Enough for me to lose interest real fast.


The fact that people here are STILL stuck on us people tired of hearing excuses and believing that we want a “quota”…just proves that you’re missing the damn point.

I hate being a POC sometimes, and the sad part is, it’s because of silencing and speaking over our frustrations.

When your voice has been suppressed so long, don’t expect someone to not scream if they finally get a sliver of the chance to.


Here is the definition of a story
an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment.

So what exactly are you proposing? to force writers to write stories about cultures, and or under represented communities because?.. you want them to.

like you stated yourself, Episode posts what sells. They are a company, and I am pretty sure they aren’t going to risk losing money simply to please a small number of people.

Yes most of the stories are based in the United States because it is an American made company.

People read more heterosexual stories because they are a majority, sure a lot of people support LGBTQ but that community only makes up about 1% of the population. Over all they are a much smaller group.

Sure it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be represented, but they should be represented by people who want to do it and will be able to do it well.

Yes, story books and Entertainment TV and Entertainment movies, are simply that ENTERTAINMENT. sure they get some ideas from real life, But I’m sure no one is out there yelling that fairy tales and animation movies aren’t realistic enough to represent everyone. (although I am sure there will be some people complaining about that) That is truly ridiculous. Episode is no different. books and film and such do not let you pick your character or give you different possible outcomes. This app was created to entertain.

Learning a lesson or having a theme in a story is completely irrelevant to the fact that stories are not real.

Yeah slow and steady wins the race, the fable about a turtle and a rabbit racing (not a real thing). One has nothing to do with the other, they could have used an old man vs a young man and you would end up with the same lesson.

No one reads a story because they want to learn something. People read stories because they want a good read. If it so happens to teach a lesson then great, usually the lesson is for the character. Many times the reader will catch it as well and learn something, depends on the person.

And with the reference to Hitler, are you serious? It was never written to persuade, he wrote down his thoughts ideas and thats where he himself went back to. He had other means of propaganda. Are you seriously taking things to that extreme? saying that if episode doesn’t do what you want they are basically agreeing with hitler. For not giving light to other cultures or people. Give me a break.

What is truly not fair is subjecting people to give you what you want by force just to make yourself feel better.

Lastly, Yes the United States has people from many backgrounds, but I’m not sure if you realized this but, there are 50 states, and not all 50 states are extremely diverse like states that have major cities.

Its like forcing a person who lives in China to tell a story about Latino people. How ridiculous does that sound. While there are people of different races who live in China, they aren’t all over China and they aren’t a majority either. No one would expect them to accurately represent a Latino person because that would be ridiculous. That doesn’t make you ignorant or that they are avoiding anyone. Would you write a story about a group of people you don’t surround yourself with, don’t live around, and not nothing about their culture? I know I wouldn’t.

I’m from New York, but I’m not going to write a story about what its like to live in Japan or Africa, because I’m not from there and I wouldn’t be able to accurately write a story about it, even if it is for entertainment purposes.

Same way I’m not going to write about what it is like to be gay, because Im not gay.
Ignorance would be me actually writing about that as if I knew what I was talking about.

BTW not all people of color have the same experiences, same with LGBTQ or disabled people or any other “minority” group.


I’m afraid to share my view on this problem since there is kind of a huge argument going on at the moment… but I’m going to. I don’t want to start any fights and this isn’t exactly my “opinion”, I just try to see the problem from all points of view and this is mine.

I am not a POC or a part of the LGBTQ+ community, or at least I don’t think I am, and so I cannot speak for the people who are. I respect them and understand they want to be represented. When I read stories, race isn’t something that comes to mind to me, and of course, that can sound somewhat ignorant i can’t think of the right word coming from a white female, but it’s true. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate it. I often get delighted when an author includes a character from a different race or religion than I am. I’m just trying to say I focus on the story, which is odd to say because all I read is romance… Back to the point! When I write and I want to include a POC or a LGBTQ+ person because that’s how I imagine the character or that’s how I created them, I am afraid I am going to represent them wrong and offend so many people. Although I can just ask on the forums or research it, it’s still something that lingers in the back of my mind because I can’t have them accurate enough. I don’t want to have a character just be the “stereotypical black female” or “stereotypical trans male” and offend readers. I think that other authors feel the same way, or maybe they’re just dumb, closed-minded people which is more likely the case.

I apologize if this is offensive. I’m not intending it to be. I completely get if it does, and I’m sorry for that. I’m not trying to say this to “pity” POC or LGBTQ+, because I know some people do, that’s just plain rude imo…

I don’t read Episode official stories so I can’t discuss how POC and LGBTQ+ communities are included in them, because I think they all suck, but from what I hear on this topic… they aren’t represented either, which actually really upsets me because it might have them loose business.


That is exactly what I have been saying.
It isnt ignorance to acknowledge there may be some things thats you don’t know. Because you know that you don’t know. lol (not sure that made sense.

Ignorance would be if:
you did write about what you didn’t know.


Yes, but you’re saying they don’t have too. I’d hate to sigh argue and stuff, but I really don’t agree with what you’ve been posting. Your argument is that people shouldn’t have to write about this stuff. I think that they should! It would really open the eyes to the authors and readers to learn more about other races and/or religions. It would be educational in this messed up world where races and religions are misrepresented and insulted by the news and crimes. Even the LGBTQ+ community should be talked about more.


I stand by what I said, No one should be forced to.
If a person wants to, they can freely do so. That goes for anything.

Again, You just stated yourself you are afraid to misrepresent.

If there is another person who can do it better, and they want to, then they should.

My point is no one should be forced.

You are conflating news (reporting for the most part actual facts and events) to a story?

That’s like comparing a fairytale to a biography. two different thing for two different purposes.

it appears you did not actually read what I wrote.


“The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete”

I feel that this is kind of important to bring up? Yes, stories are just for entertainment, but they can affect us in so many different ways. These are just Episode stories, but honestly, there are so much deeper meanings to it.

I’ll just share this video and then yeet out of here.


No one should be forced to write about anything they don’t want too. But Episode is a company. They are given our time, endorsement, and money. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a wider representation in the stories they write/feature. It’s the same as in all media.


If you’re scared you can simply ask poc on forums for help


Um wow… I never refuted the definition of a story. I said you clearly don’t understand the power they have… which you clearly don’t since you don’t seem to understand the fact that something which is entertainment doesn’t have to be purely entertainment. In fact, there is no story out there which doesn’t contain political, religious or moral messages in them. That’s whether or not the author is conscious of putting their own biases into their work. It’s not that difficult to understand, really. Stories have a lot of influence. That has nothing to do with the definition of what they are. It’s a side effect of creating a story. Nothing is created in a vacuum and everything you write has the power to persuade people or make them think People who don’t understand that are more susceptible to it.

Um, what are you talking about? When did I say anything of the sort? If you’ve read my older posts, I have said multiple times that enforcing strict diversity standards creates writers who include diversity purely out of obligation, which does more harm than good. This is about EPISODE as a company, not about individual writers. We don’t need to force writers to do anything. There are already plenty of talented writers on the platform who write amazing stories containing lots of diversity. The question is why Episode is failing to feature THOSE kinds of stories. The community writers do a much better job of diversity than the company itself… the professional company. Please don’t create a strawman version of me and my arguments. I understand it’s much easier to seem like you have a point when you’re extending someone’s arguments to ridiculous means, but it doesn’t make any sense in the grand scheme of things. You waste your time. I waste my time. Neither of us is happy.

And why exactly would including diversity in stories lose them money? Are there people out there who would refuse to read a story just because it’s got some black people in it? That’s called racism.

And the World Wide Web was created by an English man. Does that mean there should only be English websites on the internet? There are plenty of capable writers from all over the world. Why do you think Episode should only feature American writers?

“people” being who? Heterosexual people read heterosexual stories. LGBTQ people on this app only have heterosexual featured stories. Maybe the occasional throw in of a possible lesbian relationship right at the end because they suddenly tell you that your character was bi all along even though the whole story was about 2 guys, but out of all the featured stories in Episode’s history, there has not been a single gay MC. FEATURED stories. As I’ve needed to say many times, the community writers do a lot better.

Also, don’t make up statistics. There are over 4% of people in the US who identify as part of the LGBT community as a whole. And that’s without taking into account all the closet people an the fact that the younger generations are more likely to come out. I’d put my money on Episode having a higher percentage of LGBT people than USA as a whole.

Yet Episode doesn’t feature writers like this.

Do you not know the difference between “realistic” and “influential”? Never read a fable where animals talk in your life… that teaches kids lessons about sharing or patience? Just because something is fantastical or set in a different world, it doesn’t mean it isn’t being used to comment on issues we’re facing. As I’ve said, stories aren’t written in a vacuum. Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings and anyone who went to high school can pick out 1 or 2 ideas of his that were put into the world of elves and dwarves which are meant to make us think about our own world. I can give you two right now. The Ring represents the temptation of sin. Tolkien’s descriptions of the beauty of the landscape are meant to remind people of the beauty of nature and the evil of deforestation. I can’t believe you actually think you know more about writing than people who dedicate their whole careers to assessing the importance and significance of certain stories. People are drawn to certain stories at certain times for a reason. Literature professors didn’t just choose literature for fun. It’s because they’re able to identify the importance of stories that aren’t “realistic”. The world isn’t all black and white. It’s not that either something is openly and overtly meant to persuade you or it’s not. You can’t write without validating and justifying your own moral principles.

So a story saying all non-white people are evil is fine if it isn’t “real”? That’s ridiculous, ignorant and narrow-minded. Stories can be used to justify bad behaviour and make racism seem normal, whether it’s “real” or not. It doesn’t matter if a story is real or not. The ideas it presents are very, very real and have a massive impact on the way people think. If you’re introduced to heroic acts through film like sacrificing yourself for another person and these things are seen as good, you’re going to react positively to them in real life too. Stories make you think, whether you’re aware of it or not. If LGBT people are always seen as camp and flamboyant in stories, that has an effect on how people see them in real life, too.

So because it ALSO entertains and people read it for that, the messages don’t affect them? Silly, silly, silly.

Yes, because a political leasder would only use one means of propaganda. It’s not like he’d also present his ideas in his own autobiography. I mean, CLEARLY you can turn off your morals when you want to write a story. It’s not like that’s impossible or anything. I wish I could see the world this narrowly. It would make me feel a lot happier. Ignorance is bliss, as they say;.

I gave Hitler as an example for you to understand an extreme, since clearly the more subtle messages in stories allude you. Don’t try to stretch out my argument to ridiculous proportions. It’s really not attractive. It also doesn’t make you look particularly good. I mean, it’s really not that hard to see what I was saying. I’m a little speechless that you think an example of how messages can influence people is me calling the community Hitler. I mean, if you couldn’t get that, no wonder you don’t get the power of literature.


Because I’ve already said that Episode needs to find writers who write about different places instead of just the same places and feature THOSE people TOO, I am not going to justify this with a response.

And that’s why Episode needs to find people who DO know about Japan and Africa and who ARE gay and gfeature them TOO. I don’t know how many times I need to repeat myself. The problem isn’t that people are writing stories about what they’re used to. The problem is that Episode is only featuring and promoting American, middle class, white stories. Other stories are ALREADY on the platform. Amazing stories. The COMPANY just never features them.

Jesus, when did I say anything pertaining to that? You’re being ridiculous. Am I being pranked right now?

One more time, and say it with me: This is about EPISODE and how EPISODE as a COMPANY is failing to meet THEIR OWN diversity standards. I am disgusted that a bunch of mostly TEENAGE GIRLS are doing better than the COMPANY which promised to deliver on diversity almost 2 years ago. It’s disgusting that the COMMUNITY is doing better than the professionals who put together the app. No individual writer should EVER be forced to add diversity they aren’t sure about. Diversity should also be NATURAL to the AREA that the person is writing about. I’m disgusted that EPISODE doesn’t even have to write the stories. All they have to do is FEATURE writers who WANT to write about people from other places in the world… yet they haven’t even done THAT yet.


The way you word things can always impact on how others feel. Especially when it comes to sensitive and serious topics. Word it the right way, you can get your point across. Word it the wrong way, people will take it badly and they won’t get your point. There’s no excuse for how you did it. Each of those will have either a positive or negative impact. Whichever one you got, is what you deserved. - Shadow (Me)


The problem here really is the people who think that adding diversity to their story is a chore. Every country in the WORLD has some form of diversity or other. It’s okay to be worried about not representing it right and THEREFORE deciding not to include specific types of diversity in your story. That’s fair enough. It’s better to not say anything than to resort to stereotypes and diversity “out of obligation”.

However, if you actually, actively have a personal ISSUE with representing ANY OTHER GROUP in your story, I think that’s when things go wrong. I’m not talking about worrying you might not do it well. I’m talking about fighting against people wanting diversity at all


What the flying fart are you on about?

Where are you even getting your statistics from? “LGBT” making up 1% of the population? Population of what and where? And even so, is that justification to NOT include LGBT characters?

You said yourself that these stories don’t have to real. Okay, you’re right on that. But doesn’t that give you more of an incentive to be…creative, since writing stories falls under CREATIVE writing?

If you want to write white fanfiction, you have CNN and Vogue magazines for that. I mean…they fall under entertainment too lmao.

This trainwreck of a condescending post talking down on POC and LBGTQ for simply needing ACKNOWLEDGMENT that we’re fucking real is the same as people arguing that the actress who was cast as Starfire isn’t black (in the live Teen Titans show lmao). As if Starfire is white and not orange. I can’t even read fantasy stories without cringing at writers, whether it’s on Episode or generic YA fiction.

You’ve missed every single point of every post written and thought out here. You’ve given me whiplash back and forth on strawmen arguments. You’ve even admitted you’re not gay (because clearly only gay people are part of LGBT, not trans or queer people lol), so you don’t know how you’d go on about writing a said simple character. That in itself is alarming in the post where you’re trying to excuse the Episode staff in not getting their shit together.

People read stories for a variety of reasons. Good reads are sort of…given? No one wants to read a boring ass story. People want to read to relate, to immerse themselves and in some way, LEARN through the lens of other characters or observe. Other reasons include awareness, pure entertainment and thought provoking discussion, etc.

Stories aren’t real. There’s another side you’re really missing: they’re not, so why not broaden your horizon?. If your randomly pulled out statistics were SOMEHOW true, shouldn’t that give you even more of a reason to write such characters in?


Go off sis! I STAND!!! :clap:t4::raised_hands:t4:


Literally, she took everything we said the wrong way and tuned it out. It’s like she never listened to a single word. She keeps saying are forcing it when we said MANY times we aren’t and saying that the problem is they ignore other minority groups. We are asking for more, not forcing it. And yet she still tries to put us in the position. And smaller amount of people? So POC and LGBT+ is a smaller amount of people? And if you don’t mean that and you meant us people wanting Representation, it’s still wrong. We aren’t a small amount, we are varieties of people wanting the best for our community. Honestly I cannot…:roll_eyes:


oh.my.god. what episode whats to do is create more diverse casts but they havent okay? and they should have, authors should also have diverse casts. its not that hard, this thread has basically become a headache.


We shouldn’t have to ask, it should be done already :raised_hands:t4: Period!