Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards

No it wasn’t 27 days and they clearly say “since the beginning of 2017” in the post. People have spent a lot of time talking with and working with Episode on this matter and trying to support diverse stories, simply to get the same results after a full year of giving them time. People are simply asking a company for clear progress after seeing little change. Maybe get the facts next time before you start throwing accusations at people who have legitimate concerns, because that is not helpful or positive in the least.


Other people already covered that but thanks anyways. I wasn’t making accusations because I was sure of it. Get the facts where also? No one is going to make a website about “OH IT’S A FACT THAT EPISODE SAID THAT IN 2017” . I also thought that they meant they felt it at the start of 2017 and then decided to add it a month ago. I was proven wrong but surely not by you. Maybe next time read the whole thread before replying because your comment wasn’t helpful or useful at all, just rude.

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My reply was in response to your dismissive and rude response in which you accused people of complaining and implied that we weren’t being patient because you failed to read the post which starts off with “At the start of 2017…” And once again states that this goal was for 2017. Others, included myself, indicated that it’s been a year since this post and have said they had been waiting patiently for a year. Being that they have transferred posts from the old forums, you could have put two and two together and figured out for yourself that this was an old post. That’s how you check your facts first. By thinking critically. Instead you chose to ignore what people were saying and were dismissive and rude towards people who were expressing frustration. Keep that in mind if you don’t want somebody to respond in kind to how you talk to others before you whine about somebody being rude to you. You haven’t been so pleasant yourself. Have a nice day.


That’s not at all how you check facts. You check facts by providing evidence not guess for yourself. How is it even rude? I was simply supporting the episode team. I didn’t fail to read it lmao. I thought it meant something else. I also did listen , did you not see others telling me that it was made in 2017? I replied with an “Oh okay thanks” indicating I did listen and believe them. I haven’t been nice to you because you obviously want to argue by using bad language or by judging others. Once again I wasn’t being rude so “keep in mind that if you don’t want somebody to respond in kind to how you talk to others before you whine about somebody being rude to you” doesn’t make sense. Complaining means to express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event. That’s what they were doing , I didn’t say it was wrong that they were complaining but I did tell them to stop. Now that I realized I was wrong , I let them complain. Who even said complaining is a bad thing?

Oh ok thanks


Not an appropriate response but your life , your decisions.

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Not an appropriate response.


Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Seems like you “failed” to understand my comment.

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I fail to understand your usage of quotations around “failed” but that’s not the point.

In case you didn’t pick up on the fact that I’m disengaging from the conversation (because I don’t talk to angry people who TELL me why I responded to them and are just flat out wrong), I’m disengaging from the conversation, because believe it or not, no, I don’t want to just argue. You’re angry, accusatory, and condescending, and I choose not to have conversations with people like that. But I also am done trying to sugarcoat everything I say because people can’t handle dissenting opinions. It is what it is.

We could do this all day, but that would be silly.

So again, have a nice day.


I’m not angry , please don’t make assumptions . I don’t like arguing either but I’d like to get my point across so people can understand. If you want to disengage , you simply have to not reply but I understand it’s tempting not to respond because you probably also want to get your point across. I’d like to end this argument on a good note , so goodbye and you have a great day too.

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Diversity is not having a character with a skin tone that isn’t ‘Light’ exist in the story who acts exactly the same as they would with any other skin color

Diversity is not character customization.

Diversity is not giving us about two stories in which we can choose the gender of our love interest- not whether we even WANT a love interest or not in the first place, which also makes up a portion of the sexuality spectrum- while you throw many times more heteronormative stories at us.

Diversity is not what Episode has been giving us.

You provide an excellent definition of the word ‘diversity’. However, seeing the features you consistently produce, I see very little of this being exemplified, and the Episode app feels exactly the same now as it did to me in 2014. I am sorely disappointed- when I saw this post back in 2016, I was excited. I thought that maybe, just maybe, Episode is taking a new direction, turning over a new leaf, and bringing us stories that show us you can truly listen to readers, that you truly do actually care about diversity and inclusion and that make every reader feel like they are being heard, that they are not an abnormality, that they are being represented.

This has gone on too long. For anyone who thinks that those of us who are fighting back, who are saying that what Episode is showing us is NOT diversity, that they just need time, they’ve had time. They have had time, they have had YEARS to show us diversity, and we were promised it last year, and it appears they have had the time for more carbon copy cliches and yet not enough for things that’ve been waiting too long like these.

Diversity isn’t on your backburner? Well then show us that Episode. Don’t make us promises that you fail to keep. Make real change instead.


The fact that this has been addressed so inconsistently and so gradually is unsettlingly similar to something else that was ordered to be done with “all deliberate speed.” :unamused:


Actually, there’s an explanation, right there above your post. It explained that this has been going on. As the forums have been migrating for a few weeks… It stands to reason that this is a migrated post. Yet, you continued to challenge as though it was not true, that it needed to be proven instead of stepping back to research.

Your tone of “just chill and relax…” gave off a tone of dismissiveness. Which causes a ripple effect of frustration when someone tries to speak over another’s voice. As a result, they receive a response in the tone that they have given.


What does your comment have to do with this post?

UPDATE: Let’s just flag this as Spam as it’s not relevant to the topic.


The most diverse Episode user story I’ve read is Westworth. It has different religions, sexualities, and gender indentities.
On top of that, it’s a thrilling read.


I’ll definitely give it a read. Thank you for the recommendation.

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Do you happen to mean Wentworth by LB?


I believe so… (it’s about spies)


People have been asking for clothes like hearing aids and gender neutral character options but they get no results. The only thing they followed through on is the one about working with the girl studio and the only person of color in that story was used for shitty comedic relieve and was irrelevant to the plot of the story which centered around all the white Bellas in Pitch Perfect and cut on fanfavorites who were part of the LGBT community and people of color even Cynthia Rose who was in all three movies.


That story is lit