Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards




You know, Episode, you keep coming up with this: “We are planning to improve in diversity”, yet you couldn’t even dress a Hijabi women right. Plus, we shouldn’t HAVE to address you on this at ALL! It should have been fixed and done properly! If you can’t do this right, how do you expect us to have so much faith you’d do the Jewish community correctly? You already made one of them a villain in Positively Princess. A dumb, messed up stereotype you put upon. How is that improving? How do we expect you’ll do a Buddhist right? Hinduism correctly? Sikhism? You can’t even do a Muslim and a Jew good. Nor have you given us much stuff to represent them, just a very small amount of stuff.

Along with Natural and Afro hair for black characters. You gave us a very small amount. Same with Indian clothing. :roll_eyes: I just want to say: Why do we need to ask and point this stuff out when you claimed to be diverse and “a app for everyone?” You are not improving, you are still in the same position over and over again for years. You just gave us a little strip off the back, that’s it. This was posted last year and 2018 is already about to end, you still haven’t done that much. You keep giving us stereotypes of minority communities, representing us/them wrongly, putting us/them as backgrounders, etc. This shouldn’t be an issue if you are a “Oh so Diverse” app. It’s really sad honestly. We shouldn’t be limited. Represent EVERYONE or atleast a decent amount of us/them. We want characters with Mental illnesses, disabilities, skin diseases, many other diseases, different sexualities, etc. The same “sex driven, white, cisgender, straight” Mc is not getting us anywhere to diverse PERIOD! And how is token stereotypical characters close to it?

:woman_facepalming:t5: What did they call him? A GBF? Gay Best Friend…:unamused: Seriously giving the LGBT+ community labels? As if they are a object to you.

Anyway, token characters do not equal diversity. Just slapping a over-used, offensive stereotype on them isn’t even close. The point is to do it correctly and not for recognition or “just to be there”. We are not objects, we are people. If you can’t represent other people, than you clearly are in the wrong and need to have a big improvement. You still in that low position of it and doing very little to fix it.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: honestly when I saw the hijabi like this (Positively Princess right? idk all featured stories are generically the same) i busted out laughing. so absurd…


It was from a sneak peak of the 10th episode for K*ss List. On Episodes Instagram story…:woman_facepalming:t5: Like they could have pointed that out themselves?! They took the pic!


To be honest, they don’t even know how tiaras work despite the fact that they’ve done multiple stories about being a princess. Tiaras aren’t worn by unmarried women, princess or not. So I’m really not surprised they can’t fathom the hijab


I don’t get the logic behind them thinking that women would cover their hair but not their arms.

If hair is seen as beautiful enough to deserve covering, why wouldn’t bare skin be?


Cause they are idiots and don’t have common sense.


Episode. What kind of bullshit??


2018 and they STILL haven’t gotten it right…sigh…


I agree with this. Curly and coarse hair are present in other races. You can be POC with straight hair and be nonPOC with curly hair. As someone who is part of the left I find some of them so annoying. Just because you’re conservative doesn’t automatically make you a villain and just because you’re left doesn’t automatically make you an unintelligent snowflake.


I just hate it when people say curly hair hair is an Afro. :unamused: Those are two different things. Curly hair is not an Afro. Very kinky curly or tight curls is most likely an Afro. People just need the know which is which.


I personally started to drift toward the centre recently but I’ll always be pretty far left just because of my natural inclination to make other people’s lives easier xD

But Yeah, @EpisodeShadow had a point there. Afro and curls are different. The issue is hair styles, that’s what I tend to have disagreements on personally >.< I think hairstyles shouldn’t be exclusive to race or culture. But that’s just me


I know as someone has an Afro I know not everyone’s hair is pin straight


AMEN! This needs to be said everywhere.


While browsing Instagram, I come across many pics from different stories. And what I’m most glad is to see so many different characters created!



I’ll also add a bit of my biterness and say, diversity could be much more better and characters more different, if you wouldn’t hold back in your storage so many already created outfits, animations and features. Giving us one female and one male outfit on Thursdays won’t bring you many new stories as you expect from us. This is like giving us bones while you keep all the meat. Also we need to get inspired. So go and check sometimes this forum and the suggestions writers posted.

This category is for giving feedback to forum, I know. But I wanted to say thanks to Episode Team. You did a great job with releasing new features. Just don’t keep it this way and keep releasing new stuff (though not only one at the time) to achieve your final goal- to make this app interesting.


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If we are “normal people”, we should have stuff to represent us if we are so common and regular. :roll_eyes:


Wat do u mean “acheived” diversity? Wat happend