Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards


If you think this is what diversity looks like you’re not very observant…


What I constantly see here, on this forum, especially in threads with sensitive topics… People who are “most diversity-supporting” just can’t get past someone’s opinion if it is different. That person might be wrong, his/her experience is different form yours, you don’t have to get all aggressive and call them out. Learn to have a civilized discussion, without being douchebags.


Most ppl(ppl who dont “support” diversity) only come here to make snide remarks regarding diversity though not to discuss


i was saying the opposite thing. The ones who claim to be the most supportive, come here to get offended and butthurt and end up being pretentious assholes.


Ah sorry misunderstood x3


I ask everyone to read carefully before judging.

I only said that Episode Team gave us many features (I meant hairstyles, faces, etc) with what we can create many diverse characters and I’m very grateful for that.

Writers do create many different characters with what we have now - I never said anything about Episode Featured Stories.

We still can’t do many things, that’s why we suggest them on this forum - and I asked Episode Team to peak there from time to time and see, what we need and want.

I also struggle to create and write things I have in mind - but I always remember what many wrote on this forum: Be creative. So I try to be creative even though that’s sometimes mission impossible.

I also believe Episode is not here to solve our personal problems, which we have with society and politics in real life. Believe me - we all do. My life was destroyed because of that. I live a life of solitaire because of that and I lost my only love because of that. So don’t judge a person before you know the background.


I agree. We have many visual things, but it’s up to us, writers, to create characters with diverse personalities and cultures. So I propose to these offended individuals to go to the writer’s portal and create a story up to your standarts. Everyone writes about something they are familiar with. I won’t write about black or Asian culture, just because I live in an white-ass European country, I just don’t have this deep knowledge and understanding.


I don’t mean to be condenscending, but if it’s up to us writers, why not make diverse characters by learning about other people’s cultures? If you only write about what you’re familar with, then that’s not really being diverse in itself


That’s just my personal choice. I’m not really interested in showing some cultures. My field of interest is fantasy stories. And while I do try to include some minor characters of different origins, and for these I do research, I don’t have enough motivation to do deeper research and make someone completely different than me as a main character. That requires a lot of work to be realistic. But that’s only me. A lot of people have different approach.


If we can’t continue the thread without:

  • Name calling
  • Finger pointing at each other in negative ways
  • Accusations

then it will have to be closed.

tl;dr - Please behave.



What I tried to say is that it is very hard to portray different culture and race if u have very little knowledge about them. And while self-educating is important, not everyone can do it properly. I would prefer to read about other culture while it is portrayed realistically, then my own culture, that is so twisted I can’t help but cringe while reading. I think it is actually more respectful to not portray other culture at all, then to show it really wrong. Let that sink in.


No one is expecting anything though, people just want them to be real. They claim that they are a diverse app when they are not even close to it. If you say something you’re not get ready to be criticized.



Thread temp closed until users brush up on the forum rules and act accordingly.



Aaand, we’re back.


I fully agree with you on this, if you won’t portray a certain culture correctly don’t do it at all


Definitely! But if you feel uncomfortable writing about different cultures, there are always people who have the same culture as you but a different race or ethnicity. I’ve even met people from Eastern and Central Europe who are mixed race. They basically just act like everyone else from their country. Diversity is everywhere and people like that make representing races easier.


Yes, but we don’t really write about cultures do we? We just write about characters. I have only seen 2 or 3 stories that actually mentions a culture.


No. No, they did not, sadly. But hey, your opinion.