Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards


Definitely! But if you feel uncomfortable writing about different cultures, there are always people who have the same culture as you but a different race or ethnicity. I’ve even met people from Eastern and Central Europe who are mixed race. They basically just act like everyone else from their country. Diversity is everywhere and people like that make representing races easier.


Yes, but we don’t really write about cultures do we? We just write about characters. I have only seen 2 or 3 stories that actually mentions a culture.


No. No, they did not, sadly. But hey, your opinion.


Oh, but they are.
LGBT stories, POC stories.


Meanwhile I don’t find any stories that are right leaning, but do you see me throwing a fit about it? No.


You’re 100% right. We don’t, but we portray people who belong to them and sometimes it’s done incorrectly. For example, one may portray someone who’s from Trinidad but makes them sound like a Jamaican. Or someone may portray someone from Ireland but they reference Scottish food as if it’s from their homeland. You can portray people from different culture but if you are not knowledgeable of that, don’t try to reference it.


How can a story be right or left leaning? Do you mean the authors are right-winged or what?


Episode has nothing to do with politics… But go off.


If only that were true.


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Why did this make me laugh? :sweat_smile:


The point is, you don’t see people like me complaining about not being represented.
Because people like me appreciate a character for their personality and choices, not for the color of their skin or if they’re gay.


So anyway, in the future I do hope that writers featured and non-featured alike can portray diversity in much more ways for the year 2019, there’s so much things one can do to portray diversity. Like she said earlier, portraying people with difference of opinion is also a good method of making a story more diverse, that’s a very great idea! There’s also adding people with disabilities, medical conditions and countries of origin. Through writing them you not only make a story more interesting but you also become more in touch with the world around you. it shouldn’t stop at race, culture and sexuality :blush:





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We’re heading into 2019 and we still have major issues in terms of diversity. While I don’t want to dismiss the progress that Episode has made, I just want to know why does it take people having to bicker with the company and other community members for us to get an ounce of representation?

For example, I am going to use one of Episode’s Instagram posts.

So limelight has been out for some time now and darker skin tones are still being left for last. There aren’t enough lip colors for the darker complexions. Hair colors can also be troublesome.

We’ve been patient for some time now and unfortunately, our requests are still being overlooked.

Please look at this picture and realize that Episode does have a problem when it comes to darker skin tones. It’s like this one in particular was used for marketing engagement and it just doesn’t sit well with me. Is it really that hard to compliment darker tones?


It’s annoying and yet people still dismiss our issues. These issues need to be fixed! They cannot be ignored and they shouldn’t be! An app that claims to be so, so diverse, yet most people don’t even have stuff to represent themselves on the portal. Look at how long they took to release more dark skin tones, lip colors, and hair for Ink. And Limelight has very little. It’s not even just the lip colors, it lacks anything that represents a minority. Afro Hair styles, Kippahs, Modest clothing, Indian clothing, etc. It’s just upsetting at this point. Can’t even do some damn lip colors. Smh. It’s almost 2019. We aren’t letting you slide this times, Episode. It’s time to wake the f*ck up.


It sucks because I felt as though they were making progress when they released all those natural hairstyles in ink nearing the release of limelight, but then limelight came and they stopped. Even the cultural and religious clothing in Ink was giving me the impression that they actually cared about our opinions. But they took a complete U-turn. I’m starting to lose hope in the art team and the writing team because they obviously don’t care about diversity (as they claim to in this topic)