Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards



I would make this meme in limelight but we dont have much religious clothing to choose from

Responses since for some reason, I was late getting here XD

LOL, this is pretty funny. But anyways, I wanted to ask real quick, what is your race?? This mysterious race that is found on no Episode character?? :hyperthinking:

But this is exactly what you do to everybody. You quote their stuff and then say something like “This basically means -insert your interpretation here-” instead of reading what people say and taking it at face value.

See, no it doesn’t.

This is the problem. This is the thing you do on every other thread you’re on. I know you like arguing with people and debating, but most people just like discussions. Can you just state your opinion and move on for once without being a condescending jerk? Probably not, but its a nice thought for everybody.

Diversity standard will never be enough. That’s why I always say we should just write what we know, what we enjoy, make it flow naturally. A good story will be appreciated regardless, not by everybody of course, but by enough to be successful ^^ <3 <3

And now I know you’re Middle Eastern <3 <3 ^^ Which country do you live in, if I could ask? Do you believe in God?

<3 <3 <3

LOL! Ikr? I like the joke, but did you know Texas is actually minority in white people? We have awesome diversity throughout the state. We have the best black people in the world, the best humans in the world! It is about 33% white, 47% Hispanic since 2016 <3 <3 God bless Texas <3 :us:

Sorry, I was just late <3 <3 <3

I agree! <3 <3 They can always do better, like you mentioned, but like >.> I’m sorry such optimism was flagged. I wish people could be more optimistic sometimes. Spread more positivity! Positivity seems to be too rare nowadays ^^ <3

I personally can’t wait 'til Battle of the Sexes comes out!!! So much excite!! <3 <3

I think a few different people brought this particular point up, too. I definitely like diversity of all kinds. More diversity is just more natural to me in general in all forms of the word. I literally cannot stand it when a character’s personality revolves around their “diverse” identity. Like, when characters are thrown around and described as gay, woman, Hispanic, -insert all the diversity buzz words here- and then this extremely small part of their identity becomes their only OR most important identity. Like…more stories where characters are diverse just naturally so.

So we’re reading a story, it’s just a dude living his life, doing his interesting work stuff and BOOM, there’s another guy and it’s like “ooh, attraction” and it is just part of the character’s identity, not the whole identity of the character. You are more than your skin color, more than your sexual orientation, more than your religion, more than your ethnicity, etc. And our characters should be treated the same. Unless of course this is a comedy and it is just a way you’re using comedy, I’m talking solely about non-comedy stories.


Honestly, I could argue that, especially since this last decade, your general political leaning is a bigger part of your identity. Anyone ever hear of that song Politics by KoRn? I remember when I first heard it, I disagreed a LOT, but…like I grew up :mushroom: and now I get it. XD


I think you’ll find it does. The “if” implies the information afterwards is not a reality, honey.

I have a right to comment on whatever I want – especially when people comment on my stuff directly.

The problem is that a lot of people use this excuse to purposefully exclude POC, different sexualities, different religions, disabled people, white people who aren’t from America, etc.

I agree with most of what you said other than that. I’m kinda surprised to admit it.


I don’t think “if” implies anything. When I read “If I wanted to, I could do this.” - doesn’t mean I don’t ultimately want to.

Also, I 100% agree you have the right to say what you want however you want to say it. My point is you often do it in a way that when other people read your posts, they feel like you’re being aggressive, rude, condescending, etc. I do it, too, sometimes, LOL, but I try to be very careful about how I word things while still being true to myself and my opinions as to not cause a rise in people which is something that tends to happen. I used to have no filter at all, >.> I think it does better for everybody to try and be kinder to people. That’s all.

Of course, lol, some people don’t want to be kind and, hey, I don’t mind. You have that right, I just think when we wanna have real discussions with people, we do it trying to consider how other people will read these words. Sometimes, this is impossible, I realize, but shrugs we’ll never get anywhere if we don’t try.

You shouldn’t be surprised. We aren’t that different. We have different opinions and understand things differently, often. I’m not an intolerant bigot for that and neither are you. We have a lot in common and a lot of opinions are similar to each other as well as many things very polar opposite from each other. We see things differently.

There is nothing wrong with that, there never was, and there never will be. We just butt heads a lot. LOL That’s something that always happens with the both of us with many people on the forums. <3 <3 Couple of stubborn, opinionated broads I tell you XD

Um…anyways, that’s very off topic I think, and I’ll leave it at that. >.>


Unfortunately it does. When someone says: “If I wanted to…” the implied collocation is "I would have done it already’. Because it’s in the second conditional: if followed by the past simple tense. That is used in the English language to express something which is unlikely to happen. I didn’t want to get technical, but it might help.


I mean, I guess I can see this point of view. Maybe I just knew she didn’t mean it so I didn’t read it that way. I don’t know for sure. It just doesn’t come off to me that way when I read “if” statements unless I also see “but I don’t want to” after it. shrugs


It’s a sad reality of the way conditionals work in English. The past tense implies unlikelihood. The use of “wanted” therefore implies that it is unlikely they’d want.

This might help:


I read everything on this thread and the first thing that came to my mind is that “people are free to write and express themselves as they want.” If it’s not offensive and doesn’t promote harmful behaviours and actions, people are free to express themselves as they want.
We live in a world where diversity still varies depending on the area. Because you live in an area where diversity is important, you can’t force someone to match your expectations in their story. You don’t know where this person lives, how they are spending their lives, how they were raised. If they didn’t intentionally offend you, if they are not promoting discrimination, people have the right to write what they feel like.

On the other hand, people also have the right to ask for features to match the diversity they live in, of course. It’s an app which is open for everyone, worldwide speaking. Users should be able to find the features that are characteristic of what they see, grow up in and live in.

Just remember, you can’t tell someone what they should or shouldn’t feel. But you also can’t force your beliefs on someone else.

Let’s just all try to get along, because this is also how diversity begins. :blush:


My big thing is the fact that we have a right to ask for what was promised of us. Regardless of whether or not people disagree with us wanting diversity in the first place, holding Episode accountable to their own standards and asking them to make true on their own promises as a company who should prove they’re trustworthy by keeping the promises they made is completely reasonable.


Of course ! You are perfectly right. They promised something and, if you feel like they didn’t keep their promise, then you have a reason to be upset.
But asking for something and putting down other people for what they do ( or don’t do ) isn’t the same thing.
I feel like, in this thread, some people from both sides tend to not completely separate those ideas.


Thanks for pointing it out!


Since I’m asian and live in a south-east asian country, I know how to make lots of asian characters without making them look like each other. Like, not all of them have monolids or hooded eyes. Some asians have wide eyes and also some of them have darker complexion, you know. Just sayin :wink: you can also try to make asian skin based on the gold skin choices, from the lighter ones to the darker ones (since most of them have warm undertone)


I agree with all of your points.




We also do need more ranges of monolids and hooded eyes, as long with cultural hair for them. Their eyes aren’t only exclusive to them, a lot of other races have them. Along with Afro and Protective hair for black characters and more lip colors for dark skins. They need to fix some of the featured too. Most of them look like they were designed to be on light skin tones and not dark ones, based on the lining and shading.


Honestly when are we going to get the eyes in INK. It’s not about slender or “asiatic” eyes, we literally have no downturned eyes for females, not all of us have upturned eyes.

What about slender eyes with double lids?! Can we have some of the INK eyes in LL -,-


And we have no slopping eyes for LL. Smh. :expressionless:


I don’t think INK will get anything at this point. I kinda got an impression that Limelight is the main and only focus, and INK will stay the same. Seems kinda obvious to me.


I’m talking about INK eyes in Limelight, INK has enough eyes for me, Limelight needs more.


Ohh. Got it now.
Welp. I think it got better this year, as we got more eye shapes, and lips (I was waiting for more lip shapes bad). I think eventually we will get more. Just gotta be patient and offer good ideas.