Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards


Nvm. I have it!!



i swear, if Episode doesn’t release these soon…


They’re more but I don’t have it on me right now. I’m missing a couple. :thinking:


I need all these hairstyles
And the skirts are cute


to some extent, Episode has been working on this clause.


Correction. Writer LB has. If it wasn’t for her, they wouldn’t have added all those cultural clothing and diverse features…


Hows she do tht


I think she technically requested them. Just like she did with the Ink lip colors for dark skins.


She also petitioned for INK lip colors that suit dark skin tones right?


Yes she did.


This is probably the best away to increase diversity on Episode. Find authors who care about inclusion as much as they do about all other aspects of their story.


It’s sad because as an app that claims to be diverse, they should have done the initiative. Not the community authors.


but hey, the Episode team seems to care about making money than genuinely touching people or teach important lessons through their stories.

to them, creating new assets for diversity is probably too costly with little benefits when they can recycle the same characters with another cliche plot and gain three times the new readers.

maybe the problem is the audience doesn’t realize the importance of diversity for their fellow readers?


We are a part of the audience though


Some of the audience doesn’t care for it but that doesn’t mean all of us don’t. There is a high amount of readers striving and wanting diversity. And like @Willowbean said. Readers are part of the audience. Kinda confused about that last part.


Saaaaame. I severely damaged my hair straightening it in high school, and now I can’t wear it naturally. I would love to have my hair from when I was 14 back.

I don’t have much hope for curly hair, though. I’d love some long, 3a curls, but the closest thing they seem to have now is the current sausage curl style, which is… I dunno. The unreleased styles they consider curly mostly look like straight hair that’s been introduced to a very large curling iron.


Especially sine Episode needs to be aware there are some Biracial and racially ambiguous people using their app. They need to give us stuff to represent them.


How can I make Afro-Latina characters when they haven’t even given me a good-lookin’ Semi-Afro?



When I had hair like hers in school, my classmates called me names and teased me endlessly. Now so much of that hair is gone from being ripped out, and it’ll never look the same when I wear it naturally.


It would mean a lot for Episode to have hair like this, as well as other naturally curly varieties of hair.


That hair is very cute and I’ll be nice to have it. Like, c’mon. It’s not gonna be so hard.