Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards


2019…2years…hope we get something this year(hopefully hairstyles natrual obviously that are cute) and actual nudelips for LL cuz these make it look like no lips or lipstick

Not counting on it though…:pensive:




The third one looked nice though.


Thanks n.n still idk dont think it fits…too much


It’s fine… I wish they were more lip colors for dark skin characters too.


@Willowbean, I agree! They need more lipstick colours! However, I agree with lovemyself and I think the third one looks the best out of all of them. I noticed that all of the lip shades you use were gloss, so perhaps you could try using matte, as gloss makes it more stark against the skin. Obviously it’s just my suggestion, and if the purpose of it was so it wasn’t matte, I’m sorry for that, and Episode needs to work on these first for sure.


Ive tried both and is the exact same results
And im pretty sure those are mattee


matte is even worse.


Mhmn we need better lip colors


Trying to make most of my characters dark skin but hard to at times since the lips colors barely match them. Come on Episode. :roll_eyes:


My skin matches my character and i still cant find a good lip color
Moreover…i just want a cute natrual hairstyle…like idk why but when i put a LL natrual hair on my character its just…basic idk how to describe it…and i always wanna change it every chapter


I hate the Afro so much! I want the one in Instant Princess. It’s looks close to mine whenever I get a twist set.


I really do need a nice thick Afro to match my kinky hair.


I loathe LL afro it doesnt look like an afro either looks like mini locs
the INK ones cuter(the 2nd version not tht awful joke one)
So many hairstyles they could do…


The Ink one is the best. I love it.


Not only is it hard for dark skin characters to find lip shades but i have trouble finding lip shades for characters with tan skin as well, a lot of my males have the copper 03 & 04, and I’ve found it quite a hassle to find a lip shade for those skin shades and shades similar to those. I’d say just characters of color in general.

Hope they work on warmer toned lip shades when it comes to the medium browns


Especially the Copper skin! Why would Episode add it when you can’t get the right tones for them? I don’t understand…


Yes!!! I have characters with tones all across the spectrum but I’ve noticed that copper is the most difficult to work with


Oh, you mean me?


I’m sorry! :expressionless::tired_face:
Well… yeah, I see what it is with the lip colours.