Episode's 2017 Diversity Standards


Recently I was interested in going back to doing Episode to try and make a game version of one of my stories I was writing. But then I received a major set back that prevented me from doing what I wanted. In my story, my characters are all about diversity. A couple tall people, short people, people with different body types, like girls with smaller/bigger chests, guys with a weaker/stronger build. But one of the biggest problems is what’s supposed to be one of the many surprises in the story. One of my characters was supposed to (Spoiler in case I ever do proceed and create the story) be a girl pretending to be a boy. I tried to work around it, but it’s hard with limited clothing choices where I can’t cross dress my characters and not having much unisex clothing. And going back to before, there is only really one true figure for the distinctive genders at the moment. I can’t make one of my characters, who’s described to have a rather feminine work, or one of my other characters, who is supposed to have no chest to give her that childish vibe. As much as I want more clothing to be coming out constantly, I can find my way to work around the clothing stuff, but I NEED to have more diversity in body types and heights for both genders. Cause not every girl has a big chest or a perfect slim build and not every boy will have a strong looking figure.


I’ve always also wanted different body types too. Bc there’s only one: and that’s like the model type of body. What about the mesomorphs or endomorphs???
Not only that, but I also wish there was female clothing, ya know, without the chest. Think if you were a child…you wouldn’t exactly even have a chest.
But I agree with you! Diversity is cool, and Episode should do more stuff about it!

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Get ideas from BroZoned ; that’s a good story where the MC is a girl but has to change into a boy in order to be accepted in the band


Completely support you with this! I really hope Episode comes out with different body types and such.


A lot of people have asked for this on the Diversity Standards post and we all support it. It’s stupid how if you make children, they have large chests and stuff. Like you said, different clothes should be in male and female for people like cross dressers, transgender people, etc. Hopefully they come out with different body types and clothes soon :slightly_smiling_face::crossed_fingers:


I am so glad, and so are a lot of other people, that Episode has now upped their diversity standards, however there are still a lot of problems. Some authors just stick (don’t take this into offence) a black person in as the stereo typical role, or the Asian as the nerd, as an Asian, I get very angry when people always make Asians as the creepy nerd!


Totally! And I don’t want to take anyone’s choice to write the story as they see fit, but I’m kind of getting tired of Latinx culture being portrayed as only using Spanish to curse. I understand that not every writer who creates dialgue for POCs is fluent in the language, but please, do a bit more research into the culture your bringing to the forefront, whether a main character or a best friend.
Write what and how you want, but please try and be considerate of others.


I know because at the end of the day you’re portraying real cultures, so at least make it realistic.


I’ve been reading a couple of new stories and I’ve discovered that there aren’t enough stories with Latino’s, African American’s or Asian’s. The majority of the stories have main characters that are Caucasian. We need to work on this!!!



I support!


Preach, gurl! :v:t6::v:t5::v:t2::v:t4::v:t3:


Are you sick of these posts yet? Well people need to hear about it, authors are throwing in the Asians, the blacks, blah blah the list goes on. But do they ever use those characters? And when I say use, I don’t mean the asian kids going like "Yes I love you so much, would you marry me because I am a stereotypical Hollywood generated Indian Nerd, I mean as in using them as main characters, as influential characters with a meaning to the story, but that is pretty rare. And i’m not surprised, society today is like “omg love yourself for who you are” yet photo shopping my bloody ass (sorry going off topic) but I mean they sugar coat everything, blow everything out of proportion, and trying to brush it off or hide it. Well I ain’t taking it anymore (rage quits).


Sorry to those who are forbidden to read the dirty A-word I forgot to blur it :wink:


slow clapping In the film industry, and especially in Episode, POCs are just token characters made to make the MC more interesting. They have no real goals or feelings or personalities like the real people they are meant to represent.


Okay, I’m a little confused. Am I the only one whose dates are all being mixed up for this post? I want to join in, but I don’t know if the comments are in chronological order or not, so I’m not sure what to reply to!


Mine are all jumbled up as well.


Because some people hand draw them and it takes time to draw, color, shade, contour, etc…

We had so many hand drawn overlays in DD: SHATTERED that had to be drawn all over again. Art scenes as well.


In my story (Shadow Hunter: World On Fire) the love interest for the male MC is a POC that is every bit as important as the MC. Bianca has her own personality, goals, dreams and ambitions. She’s also the Assistant District Attorney. She’s strong, confident, and readers have labeled her a good role model. :purple_heart:


What happened to all of the comments from a few weeks ago? I know I didn’t make those comments up in my head


September, 2018. We are nearing the two year mark. The article still applies, nothing has really changed. We’ve seen racist and toxic behavior go unchecked by Episode. We’ve seen a new style with people of color still being after thoughts. We’ve seen them not feature a story with a dark skin MC then later releases a knock off version (I’ve seen the arguments for why it is not a knock off. I disagree but even still, one has far more quality and diversity than the other without incorporating stereotypes. Hint: It does not involve pregnancy) What kind of standard is this? We’ve spoken up and been ignored. What kind of standard…nevermind.