Episode's becoming shows

Wouldn’t it just be swanky if our favorite episodes became real tv shows. I would honestly watch so many of them. What do you think?


Sounds awesome! But unrealistic because although they have good plots it would cost thousands of dollars🙁

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True that makes since

Not only would it cost so much money, it would be a hassle for copyright as well. Lets say that PARAMOUNT STUDIOS wants to base a story off of EPISODE, not only would they have to pay the original creator and all of their accomplices, they would have to try and deal with EPISODE to disregard any legal issues.


But why not make it into one big thing like a show based on episode all different seasons but guess that would all make since but honestly who knows what the future holds or Episode creates Episode tv that’d be interesting

This is such a good (and creative) idea! I’m not sure how it would work practically, but it would be cool to see Episode come to life like that – especially because so many good stories on the app read just like a dramatic TV show.

That would be amazing, I wish that could happen – maybe one day. I wish either comedy or fantasy (not romance they’re all basic) but definitely comedy!

Trey the comedy ones r hilarious

I want Chained Reaction, or maid for you, I think because everyone does love it, even if they say it doesn’t.

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