Episodes Dirty Dancing?

I may be mistaken here, and pls correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought copying Episodes based on shows, movies, or even music, wasn’t allowed? I’ve even seen one that’s basically a carbon copy of Project Runway.

I may completely have this backwards :woman_shrugging:t4:


Well u r right that it isn’t allowed, but if u have seen such episode so then u can or someone else should report it. Can u tell me the name of the story?

It’s the new featured story …
It’s identical to dirty dancing …

Yeah I know, but I could’ve sworn I saw that stories related to movies or tv shows etc weren’t allowed. So I guess I’m lost lol


I’m confused

Because after reading the description of the story it just seems like it’s a copy of the movie Dirty Dancing. And after that ‘’ trailer’’ episode posted to instagram it seriously made me think is it an episode version/copy of the movie, since it has the name names and the water scene etc.

I haven’t read it but is it like a copy ?


In my point of view , THAT TOTALLY IS AGAIN GUIDELINES ! It’s copy !

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Yeah I was thinking that too!! How can they just break their own guidelines ? Like what is going on with episode.

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Even the cover is the same as the movies cover lol idk that’s just…there was a writer on here who had basically copied a tv show and I told her this same thing, you can’t copy shows and use them. She even used the exact same lines lol and they removed her story


I can’t … :joy::joy:

Episode makes contracts with the owners of the rights of the movies/shows etc. they publish as featured stories. No guideline breach here.

Austentatious was a contest entry for a Dirty Dancing Contest, hosted by Episode and, I think, Lionsgate who own DD.

We, as users cannot do this because we have no contract with the owners of the copyrights and therefore it would be illegal.

Hope this clears things up :slight_smile:


Ahhhh so they basically asked for permission first before making the story. That makes sense

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I assume they had to pay for being allowed to use the content. But yes, basically there has to be an agreement in place.

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The Dirty Dancing contest (as far as I know) involved them having to get in touch with whoever owns DD in order to be able to create the contests. While I haven’t read this featured version yet it’s more or less (as far as I know) based off of Austentacious by ER Gurney who was one of the winners of that contest. While Austentacious and Dirty Dancing are definitely similar (as per contest rules) both can stand independently on their own.

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Episode has a strategic partnership with the studio that owns the rights to this movie. Episode, like many other developers, will create content in partnership with other entities that is mutually beneficial. When we do so it involves lawyers and contracts, so it is not “breaking our own guidelines” it is the result of a business partnership.


oooo I see. That makes sense. Thx for the explanation.

Wait, y’all aren’t gonna kick me off for asking right? :sob::sob:



We have never kicked someone off for asking us a question. I doubt we ever will. :smiley:


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