Episode's Error Loading (2)

Anybody having the same problem as me: Have you fixed it? Also, how did you do it?
I’m already debating if I should uninstall the application :joy:

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Mine is working fine, did you update?

Yep, I already updated it. Still doesn’t work, though…

Oh, hm I don’t know what to say.

If you updated Episode and your phone. You should be good. Maybe send a ticket to Episode?

Also welcome to the forums :point_up:t4:

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Thank you. I’ve also send a support ticket but their responses didn’t really help.

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Oh, I’m so sorry.

Maybe try to google the same question and see if anyone is on the forums had a similar experience.

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This happens to me maaaannny times, I just keep retrying, and it works fine.

I’ve kept retrying for about ten times already… :confused:

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Then you should submit a ticket. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Id suggest reistalling the app, the same happened to me like a month ago and i reinstalled it and it worked just fine <3

I’ve re-installed the app too. How many times did you re-install it? I only did it once…

I also did it once and it worked, unfortunaltely, you cant do anything about it except all the ways people mentioned, idk what the problem is…did you file a ticket? If yes, what was there response?

Yes. I did file a ticket. I got two responses already but none of them helped. I’ve been doing the tips they gave me but it really doesn’t work. :confused:

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I’ve had it a few times