Episode's Frustrating Errors

I just got an error while writing my story for literally no reason. I use this all the time and have never gotten a problem

so I wanted my characters to do an animation then they decided not to work
Here’s what I put…
@CHLOE starts idle_rear
@CHARLOTTE starts dustoff_neutral_loop

Both came up as an error for Unexpected sequence: You cannot use a director command (starting with @) here.

Idk whats wrong I’ve used this method throughout my story without errors and it has been fine until now. Let me know what you think has this happened to anyone else, if so how did you fix the error?

I think it has nothing to do with those commands but something that happens before in the script :thinking: Could you show a screenshot of your script?


Here it is

Welp I figured out what it was…

I was doing a lot of choice things and I must have gotten confused in the process bc I was missing a ton of the little marks { }
Idk why the first error was on the action but its gone now

Thanks! I was so focused on the one error it was telling me that I forgot to check and see if it was coming from the script

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