Episode's Guidelines?

(Please, I hope this is in the right category. If not, I’m sorry, this is my first post.)

I’m sure at some time we’ve all been a little bit confused about the guidelines. I know I have. Which is partly why I quit writing - too much confusion.

I was recently looking through the forums - I don’t even know why - and found a post about Noob Loop. Anybody who’s been in the community for a while has probably heard of her. If you haven’t, one of her stories (“Sore Loser”) had rape, castration, drugs, and probably more, but rather than respectfully representing it, the story glorified all of those bad things. Also, she has another story in which the main character gets pregnant from her teacher. There’s even a little bit of “69” in her stories.
People reported Sore Loser and soon enough Episode found out and supposedly “worked with her” to make the story fit the guidelines. I never read the story but people are saying barely anything changed.

What about Toni Simone? If I remember correctly didn’t she have something to do with porn? (If I’m wrong please notify me.) I remember when the initial drama started up in the Instagram community and we had to comment on Episode’s posts to make them realize what was going on.

Now let’s look at somebody who I’m pretty sure never broke the guidelines. I’m talking about Amelia Nelson. She was one of my favorite authors. Episode say they’ll give second chances but did Amelia get one? Nope. Why did she even get banned in the first place? Her stories didn’t glorify rape, they didn’t send out a message saying it was okay, so why?

Aside from stories about rape… Episode claims that they promote diversity. This is starting to appear in their featured stories, but does anybody remember January’s racist comments on Instagram? When amazing people from our community were being told to kill themselves, go back to the plantations, and that nobody likes them? Do you remember how Episode ignored the shit going on in their community? And when they posted their initial response (which, FYI, was a impermanent 24-hour story post) it was this: “block the haters!1!!1!!!1!1!”. Yes, blocking them will stop you getting messages but their account still exists, they can still message others. Remember how Episode’s comments section had to be spammed (again) to make them do something? And finally we got a post. After almost 2000 comments had been posted. Well, none of that should’ve happened. As soon as they were notified, Episode should’ve stepped in and stopped it. I know, it’s Instagram and out of their control but they’re the leaders of this community and do they really want it to fall apart?
Episode’s guidelines aren’t clear at all and they keep going against them themselves. I think we need another revisit of the guidelines, plus what Episode will do in the future if there’s issues in the community.

Wow, you have some really messed up opinions.

If you aren’t an author, and you didn’t even read the guidelines (which by the way cover a lot and you can send Episode question if you have any) why do you judge others for violating them?

What was happening in January literally stopped after a week and Episode had no control over it whatsoever. After that Instagram story they made that made some people extremely mad, they made a post saying they have no control over what’s going on, and they wren’t telling people to just ignore/ block and report it’s just the best they can do about what’s going on on Instagram, they can’t ban people from Instagram, only from Episode.

And content guidelines only apply to what content should/ should not be in Episode stories they have nothing to do with what people do on Instagram/ other social media it’s completely out of Episode control

Do you even know what’s going on right now?
Most likely not.

And, are you seriously saying seeing beloved authors getting “attacked” was so horrible while bunch of other people were too and some authors actually did things they weren’t supposed to, also why it all started back in January.

Why do you even care when people you don’t know get attacked just because you read a story they wrote?
Justify it by weather whatever they did was right or wrong and not how famous they are or how much you love their work.

I’m sorry, but what is exactly your purpose with this post? This is like the forth time I’m seeing this, with very similar phrases and content. If you hadn’t said it was your first post, I would have thought you are the same person with multiple accounts…
I have no idea what happened on Instagram, but let’s have a look on the facts: Sore Loser was removed from the App a long time ago and if you search for the name Toni Simone, you won’t find anything.
You are right that some authors violate the guidelines sometimes, but it seems to me that Episode removes their stories and/or ban them once they find it out. I really would like to understand what is bothering you so much, but I can’t.

The only thing about Toni Simone she was banned for sharing a outside link on her episode account she never wrote porn. With sore loser it was wrong on so many levels and her other stories are very tame in comparison. And the racist posts where revolting and should of been reported to Instagram not sure how often episode check their Instagram but the offenders should of been blocked.
With guidelines I don’t understand them and even asked them but majority of their feature stories break the guidelines.

There are plenty of other threads regarding Noob Loop, content guidelines and diversity that anyone can feel free to already contribute to, as this seems to be a pretty common topic of conversation. Closing thread. Thanks. :peace_symbol: