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Can anybody recommend some short love stories,? or at least 20 or less :heart:

Like how many chapters? :thinking:

What that is completed? X

I have a classic style story that’s a love finding, dating show. Lots of drama, some comedy. It’s an emotional roller coaster. There’s up to 5 different endings, 19 episodes with a bonus 20 where you can view all endings, bloopers and where everyone is at 10 years later. Here’s the title and link if you’re interested :slight_smile: (I feel the need to say that I’ve edited and revamped the beginning, so it’s not one of those awfully directed classic stories :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)

Romance Island COMPLETE

You can check out mine: The stars have colors :heart:


And limelight!

Angels lips
Is a good story!

At least 20 and below

War dogs is perfect than😌

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I would recommend @linasofia’s “A Place To Call Home” and @kylie_writes’ “Changes”. Both great stories and both great authors! :revolving_hearts::sparkles: