Episodes with a costumizable love interest?


Does anyone know of an Episode with a costumizable love interest (other than I married a Prince)? I would appreciate any suggestions!!

Thank you!!

Changing The Bad Boy, In Your Dreams, and Love Is A Drug are the main ones I can think of. x :ok_hand:t4::heart:

Thank you!! I will check them out!! x :blush:

You’re welcome! x :heart:

With or Without You

if im remembering correctly-- “my teacher my gangster” and i THINK “it starts with a bra”, and “Jealousy in High Heels”

“The Fourth Floor” is amazing

Thank you!!!

Hi all. I went ahead and moved this topic to the Episode Fan Community as it has to do with Episode. Thanks!

Happenstance, Moonflower, Rune. Pregnant by a nerd, Loud Love, Runaway: Trouble, Love, Reece, Your Secret Admirer

There are loads :joy:
Do you have a favourite genre?

I wanted to know if you going to do more episodes for changing the bad boy