Episodeshadow appreciation thread


This is for my lovely friend @EpisodeShadow. Please list all the things you love about her down below.


She is my woke Muslima queen


:blush: You are too sweet but I have so many people that hate me, I doubt there will be many commenting




I agree @Days, She’s our warrior as well.


Just more love for me to give than.




When my Queen Saleema will rule the world, many of y’all peasants should be scared.

A warrior dedicated kind and invested queen like her may forgive, but never forget.


I see no lies :thinking:


I admire how brave EpisodeShadow is and how she’s not afraid to speak her mind. :sunny:

Very admirable :wink:

#RESPECT :facepunch:


Thank you :blush:


Hmn…i assume ur loyal
Plus ur nice and funny :no_mouth:
And blunt(in a good way)


As what I’ve seen when I be lurking she always keeps it real! I like that about her! @EpisodeShadow keep that up because a lot of ppl aren’t like that.


@Lex2 @Willowbean Thank you both :kissing:




Probably not as sentimental- but I love your profile pic @EpisodeShadow it suits you so much! :sweat_smile::heartpulse:




shes awesome, always speaking her mind, very helpful. YOU GO GIRL! :raised_hands::fire::heart_eyes:




She is a lovely and patient lady! She’s passionate and understanding and very nice <3 <3

Love and appreciate Shadow so much <3 <3