Epitube (R.C.O.S.) epiyoutuber sign up in my story!

Sooo as u guys may know I’m writing a story * Roseville City Of Secrets * and so it’s a drama mystery story but instead of youtube , there will be epitube so my characters discus about their favourite “epitubers” and have meets and greets with them.

Just write down in the comment section which place u wanna have :slight_smile:

Episode gamer - taken

Episode Diy- 1 place available but it can be two people in one channel

Episode gang’s favorite channel (your choice of the content, if I agree) - taken

Makeup guru - taken

That’s it u guys thanks !

Also note that u can choose your epitube username :upside_down_face:


Do I have to send my char dets? :thinking:
If so, Is it ink or ll?

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Oh sorry I missed that one its limelight and yes it could be helpful to send the deets

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Clothes: anything comfortable but pleasant (your choice)
Hair: Over shoulder (cool gray)
Episode gang’s favorite channel (your choice of the content, if I agree): Episode Comedy

Denize (kinda like shane dawson’s user, Shane :upside_down_face:)

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can i be the makeup guru? <3

if i missed any deets lmkk ! & alsoo lmk when this story is out cus this seems fun sksk

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Okay but what username?

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Awesome ! Thank you!

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What would the episode gang be about? X

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Whatever content the character chooses but if I agree

It’s taken tho

There are two more places

Oh okay xx

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Hi, can i be the episode gamer? :heart:
Here is my character details
Name: Mary
Skin: neutral 3
Brows: High arched angled black dark
Hair: Short wavy assymetrical black dark
Eyes: Female generic black dark
Face: Soft heart
Nose: round button upturned
Mouth: full heart pouty red garnet

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Yep! Username?

The same as my forum username StarMaryGoth lol

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Okay awesome

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Can I be a gamer and send you my details soon?

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One minute

Yes u can


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