Epsd.violett´s Story Cover Contest!



Hey! Thanks for clicking on this topic :smile:
I’m new to episode but have written a few stories on the app Wattpad in the past. I already know what my first story on here is going to be about but I need a cover. Anyone interested in making me one send me a message.
I will be picking my favorite cover for my story and giving you all the credit.

_Thanks! _
This is the original cover
If you need more details dm me on Gmail my account is curlyheads4life@gmail.com

Good luck!:hugs:



This is the cover of MY STORY!

@Epy.Sarahwrites Can you please try to explain to me what’s going on here? Why are you claiming my story’s cover as yours?


Wait so she just croped your covers photo so it’s seems like her story cover?


YEEES! :exploding_head:

OMG I’m going crazy right now!!:exploding_head:


Okay well I’m sorry a lot of people do that :sob: but what you gonna do?


First of all, I want to hear what @Epy.Sarahwrites has to say about this, and then I’m going to do what’s necessary to protect my story.


She has actually been claiming art that she did but was not hers. So sad another one.


if im not mistaken, last time she claimed another artist’s work as hers and now she’s doing this? that’s just so low you know 🤷 stealing is like a bad person thing and i seriously don’t get why some people keep doing that. there are a lot of artists that would happily help you with making your own instead of stealing. no matter how underrated an artist is, if you stole their work people would still recognize it you know. so maybe you shouldn’t do this again in the future :yellow_heart:


I totally agree. Authors and artists in this community put so much effort and time, it’s not acceptable to claim their work as yours.

In another post, she mentioned " These are the characters feel free to do any background
". I don’t even understand why she’s using my characters.


That’s actually very sad.

Claiming someone else’s work as your own is not acceptable.


This makes me really mad that she’s just claiming stuff that other people work hard for. Part of me feels bad because this is pretty pathetic she’s just keeps doing this and stealing good work for others and claims it as hers. :joy: Thank God I was about to enter this stupid contest but I think someone else entered it. @Bubbly I’m sorry if you already did the cover


She also claimed that she’s the author of different worlds in her bio/profile


Ugh, great :sleepy:

This is so sad and frustrating at the same time.


That’s actually SO true.

I’m glad you didn’t enter and I hope @Bubbly hasn’t done the cover already :sleepy:


Wow. Thought about entering. People steal and don’t even have common sense not to be uncovered that easy… Shameless and brainless…


I think u should contact some admin and explain situation. So that they ban her or smthg.


I sometimes wonder if these people who claim things that are not there work. Just do it to piss people off.


I’ve already done that.

Cause this is disrespectful for both the author who owns the story as well as the artist who spend the time to make the cover. :roll_eyes:


I don’t really understand why does she needs that new cover? Maybe she’s copying your story as well? With dialogues and stuff O_o


I have no idea. That could be a possible explanation.
The other one is that she has plenty of free time and she doesn’t have anything better to do, or she finds it funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, whatever the reason is, it’s such a shame — both for her, for the authors and for the artists.