Epsiode writer portal

i need help with my writer portal i can’ t preview keeps on showing error eglcreatecontext arguments are inconsitent don’t know what else to do

Could you show me your script?

Clear your cookies/site data and log back in. If that doesn’t fix it, try a different browser. If all else fails, submit a support ticket. :slight_smile: This seems to be happening a lot lately to people.

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Here is the image of what the error looks like

I see.

know any reason why its like that

have tried everything including submitting a support ticket

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They usually get back to you within a few hours to a day depending on how many tickets come in so keep an eye on your email (spam folder, too cause sometimes it gets sorted as such). Hope they can get it fixed for you. Which browsers do you use?

chrome they did send me an email but it didn’t help

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Did you try using Windows Edge or Mozilla to log into the portal?

thanks i just tried microsoft edge and it worked

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You’re welcome. In future, when Chrome doesn’t work, try Edge and if that doesn’t work I usually try Mozilla. One of the 3 usually works when the others don’t. lol

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