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Hello and welcome, we are the Episode Bomb Family. We will not explode if you are nice! Now you you are probably wondering what is Episode Bomb…Epsiode bomb is a great big family where we can litterly help you out with anything your heart desires! We have two presidents @NattyGomez and @Aerial_author. And we also have two Vice Presidents @epsd.ama and @Lunar_Rose
We also have our own theme song. (I suggest you listen!)

What we can provide…
  • Support if you ever need someone to talk to, we are always here.
  • If you need an honest review on your art…we can most certainly help out with that!
  • We can help grammer check your new story.
  • We can read your story and give you advice.
  • If you ever have writers block or have a coding error we can help!
  • We also can do art requests!
  • @Kalizzza will also provide you with virtual tacos! (Lol)


  • This is supposed to be a fun thread so do not ruin that…if you do not like this thread then simply leave

  • We have a zero tolerance rule when it comes to drama, so if you do not want to be flagged and reported…DONT CAUSE DRAMA

  • If you receive from one of our members please credit them and do not remove our watermark!
    None of our members want all of our hard work to go to waste if you are gonna steal it! So please respect that!

  • Do not request the same artwork on multiple threads!

  • And please use the work we create for you!

Now with that being said…here are all of the members available to do art and all of their examples!


She can do Art Scenes,Profile Pictures,Splashes,Character Edits and more!




She can do…Covers,Splashes,Profile Pictures,Character Edits and more!


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She can do covers and overlays!


image image


She can do Art Scenes,Profile Pictures and outlines!


image image image image image image image image image image


She can do Overlays,Covers and Edits!


image image image image image


She can do Splashes, covers, overlays and art scenes!


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She can do anything you could imagine!


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She can do Splashes, Edits, Covers, Overlays, Backgrounds, and Profile Pictures!


image image image image Uploading…

If you are going to request art please fill out this form!

Is there a specific person you want to do it?
What type of art do you want?
Is there any writing you want on your art?
What do that characters look like?
Any special effects?
What is the password?

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Password is…Explosion:)

Thanks for checking us out and I up you take advantage of us;)


Hey! I would love for you to read my story and let me know your impression on it!
Title: Girl of Deception
Genre: Adventure

Thank you!!!


I will get someone to do it as soon as possible!

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Thank you!!! :heart:

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I will be reviewing your story!! I’ll send you a PM!

DA PIE :pie:


Hey, I need an overlay? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok…but first could you fill out the form above!

Is there a specific person you want to do it? No
What type of art do you want? Sheet Of Paper Overlay
Is there any writing you want on your art? No
What do that characters look like? There’s no characters
Any special effects? Nope
What is the password? Explosion


I will find someone to do it as soon as possible!


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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#1 nope
#2 a royal carriage overlay
#3 nope
#4 i dont need characters
#5 nope
#6 explosion


I will have someone do it as soon as possible!

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Here is your paper overlay!

Created by DA PIE :pie:

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I would like your thoughts on these covers I made for my story! Which one do you like better and how can I improve them?


Has someone made my carriage yet? Is it almost done?


I am sorry but everyone is asleep so no one is available to do it:(


Ok! Hopefully I get it tomorrow :slight_smile:


Thanks for understanding:)

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Hi! These covers are quite beautiful, and I love them. Here is a few things I think you could do to improve them overall, even though they don’t need it. The second one is definitely my favorite!

  1. Although I’m unsure of the description of your story, the animations the characters are doing don’t make me feel the title per say. If you change up the animations into something from all arms crossed into a bit more of a title-fitting pose, it might help suit the cover better!

  2. If you were to use the cover with multiple characters shown on it, try to center your main character a bit. Or make him/her stand out a bit more from the other characters on the cover so the readers know kind of who they’re playing as right off the bat before they even start the story.

All in all, these covers are great! I really enjoy looking at them and it makes me want to read “A Wish Come True”! Thanks for coming to Episode Bomb for advice, and please know that you’re always welcome here.

Please note that these are my own, personal opinions and may not apply to your personal preference or to other individual’s as well.

Thanks, xx :heart: