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:green_book: Story Review :green_book:

Story Title: Girl of Deception
Episodes Read: 3

Plot: 9/10: I think you have a really interesting plot and I’m excited to see where it goes. I like that you have choices that impact the story line it makes me have to think twice before choosing something. I love your characters, although I haven’t gotten to know them all that great yet. I absolutely love Aria, I mean at first I hated her, but you did a great job with her. I really like the intro to the first episode when Aria was fighting back against being customized, it made me laugh.

Directing: 8/10: Overall you had great directing, there were just a few minor problems. You should review your speech bubbles, there were several times that the speech bubble was covering a person’s face or the tail was pointing towards the wrong character.

Grammar/Spelling: 10/10: I don’t think I noticed any problems, and if I did they were so minor I can’t remember them lol. So really great job.

Overall, I really enjoyed your story and I look forward to seeing how it turns out. Keep up the good work!

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hey guys , I have been searching a lot and did not found the animation of the person going down like if he / she giving or taking something does anyone know the name ?

and how can I add an overlay to be attached to the person (tatoo for example)


Hey :slight_smile: If I request a review, what’s the maximum of episodes you’ll read? I would need someone to help me with grammar problems (because English is not my first language) and someone who can answer me some questions about my story (I don’t know what my reader feel about the characters and if I’m good at showing their personality and how it changes) :slight_smile:


I am not as pro as others are but actually I can do it and help you


We can take a look at your story, how many episodes do you have written?


The animation I think you are looking for is kneel_reach in INK. I think the tatoos you are thinking of is an item of clothing (with the roses) but if you have your own you can’t actually make it stick to the character, you’d have to animate the overlay to move along with the character, which can be complicated, but if you need we can help you with that tomorrow.


right now I’m writing on episode 9, but I wanted to wait until episode 10 to let someone review it, because then there’s a plot twist. If that is too much I completely understand


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CAN anyone turn the car and the tatoo into overlays (if it was hard than I hope that you dont do I do not wanna make it hard for anyone)


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